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  1. Marluxia777

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? I preordered yesterday! I can't wait to pick it up :3
  2. Marluxia777

    Help/Support ► Boy confused

    Oops didn't read that well enough...thanx I guess it's getting late...
  3. Marluxia777

    Help/Support ► Boy confused

    Awwww I never saw this...sounds sad Jo :( well everyone iz right sadly...if he doesn't make u happy, find sumone who does ;3
  4. Marluxia777

    Favorite mission mode character?

    Marluxia all the way! Lol he has amazing stats even tho his atk speed is slow...
  5. Marluxia777

    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    Couldn't of put it any better myself Beyer...simply a stunning character...
  6. Marluxia777

    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    Just a tinsy bit hyper...needed to get that out there lol
  7. Marluxia777

    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    I don't giv a f*** wut those dumbass people say about Marluxia! He's the best kh villain ever and he's not afraid to show a semifeminine side unlike those^ people who think he's gay cuz of it...his scythe is epic, his cause is noble, and he doesn't take any of the shit people say bout him...he...
  8. Marluxia777

    Marluxia's Element

    Lol Marlixia is the best! Unlike most he's not afraid to do it in pink...besides he more straight then all the others cuz he has Larxene not to mention a manly figure and a deep voice...definitely the best lol and lord of castle oblivion! Who wouldn't want that title? :)
  9. Marluxia777

    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    I hate kairi's character but she looks nice in kh2, Xion is cool and is mysterious also apart of the org. so I like her but idk if I care for namine too much.
  10. Marluxia777

    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    Marluxia's obviously is my fav but also cuz of his high attributes (everything except speed)
  11. Marluxia777

    Mushroom XIII

    Can't help u much but I saw some of it on YouTube. Is that the ones that after you defeat them and go to the great maw they give you the mushroom keyblade and that other mushroom thing? Here: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  12. Marluxia777

    Birth by Sleep:Theory

    Who knows? Just be patient and wait for the game lol
  13. Marluxia777

    What khinsiders like

    Hey people! Post anything u like or love the most! Pics or words, ex: my likes are pizza, hangin w/ friends, movies, kh( of course ) but be specific and creative. Launch this thread sky-high and make it the ultimate personality poster! lol and let's not forget...HAVE FUN!!!
  14. Marluxia777

    The All-Time Best Quotes...Ever!

    This is for all those people out there that love what a character says and thinx it's nerdy to say aloud or anyone who juz likes a damn good quote so here ya go, I was thinkin of u...why don't I start ya off... Marluxia(from re:CoM)~ "Imbeciles...You would willingly shackle your heart with a...
  15. Marluxia777

    +¥•The Nobody Fanclub•¥+

    Who here likes the Organization and their chronies? I do for sure so tell your favorite Organization Member and your favorite Lesser Nobody or anything else you like about nobodies, anything really. Have fun people! ~The Awesomest Members Ever~ Founder~...