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  1. SorasTwilight

    Original ► No Title

    Inspiration: Surprisingly enough came from Utada Hikaru's song "Keep Trying"
  2. SorasTwilight

    Original ► No Title

    Mom is seeing that guy again My sister is browsing the internet again My heart is on my sleeve once more Anyone can fall in love. It’s a spell to get you out Of the daily dry. A diverse kind of lie A natural cry Under the moonlight You told me to keep us a secret How can I...
  3. SorasTwilight

    Kingdom Hearts Trading Cards

    I've been wanting to sell some of my extras for some time now. I don't want to try to sell any on here, but curious to see if there is still an audience that would still be interested in collecting the cards?
  4. SorasTwilight

    Summer Writing Prompts!

    I think one of my older poems would work perfectly for this prompt. Feel free to look back and read "Chained By Heaven" In this piece, I talk about an abusive relationship between two people that has a balancing act of a child and a parent. Lmk what you think~!
  5. SorasTwilight

    Some Changes

    Hey guys! Long time no...post? Sorry for not being as active. For anyone who's new, hello lol. I would post pieces of my poems on this forum as a hobby. Right now, life is crazy for me, but in a good way. I am currently going back to school for my masters (lol yes I am old) and in the midst of...
  6. SorasTwilight

    Poetry ► It's hazy

    Caught in a lie In sweet serendipity. The church to where I go God is the enemy. My daze is in the stars, but my body is numb. That outstretched hand, Mine is with scars. The tales unfold of lies from demons long ago. My blood turns to black But your's flies. People tell me that...
  7. SorasTwilight


    That's right! You read the title correctly. Not so long ago KHinsider did a story about Kingdom Hearts becoming a TV show at one point with Disney, but was then discarded due to the fact that the show was going to have short clips and that they would've been done way before the time of kh2. As...
  8. SorasTwilight

    I waited for the bus today (Dec 18, 2017)

    Today I waited for the bus. Scratch that. Today I waited to be hit BY the bus. My girlfriend named depression has been bumming me out as of late. I figured that I could run away. Run away into a different universe just to get away from her. The bus read "knoxville". It was my bus. But...
  9. SorasTwilight


    I am the sea I am the one called "me" I settle for best I settle for those who detest I take the abuse by the hand I take on sex by one called "man" I see blood running down I see my confidence drown I smell the mixture of toxins I smell the mixture of fear and caution I feel my...
  10. SorasTwilight

    Submissions and new ideas for stories

    For those who don't me, Hi. By here, as you can see, I go by SorasTwilight. The last recent years I have been on here I like to check into the creative writing community here. If you are familiar with my work, then I will let you know that I am currently taking in story submissions. I am nearing...
  11. SorasTwilight

    Goin' Up

    My feet are blistered from every battle I fought. The guns in my pockets could be mistaken for ashes. Lifeless figures whom I once loved were behind me. I surrounded myself with the victory of a global reclusion. The conquest was short-lived as I grew wings and flew across my...
  12. SorasTwilight

    Want to start learning Japanese? Learn more :)

    こんにちは! I come onto here time and time again, but I wanted to test something out and give people the opportunity to learn Japanese for FREE. That's right, FREE! I have been studying Japanese for 7 years and have been to Japan 3 years prior with going back this summer. I can proudly say that my...
  13. SorasTwilight

    SorasTwilight Update

    Hello to everyone that cares lol I wanted to make this update apologizing in my lack of attendance to this forum. I am currently in school right now as finals week is approaching. During the holidays and from there on out I will by posting more of my work as I have written a few more pieces...
  14. SorasTwilight

    Attention! Please help!

    I have recently been writing a lot more material for a contest I will be entering. If you guys can be so kind as to either pick your favorite piece I've written so far or be able to correct anything on my new pieces, that would be awesome! Please and thank you!
  15. SorasTwilight

    O' Starry Night

    She was the stars that twinkled In the sky. He was the ocean, crashing Towards the tides. Her dreams we're always up at The starry clouds His love flowed and crashed With the love he vowed. When the stars dimmed one by one Her eyes turn cold, her soul, numb. His waves of love start to rest...
  16. SorasTwilight

    The Young and the Old

    In this world we are blessed with two gifts. Something young Something old We don't realize how these two become The ying and yang to situations. The young is ambitious, something That seems untouchable. No one can get in the way of the young. We sail at our finest And think without the...
  17. SorasTwilight

    News ► Blast from the Past: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Voice Actor Interview

    This was adorable! I really hope that they are still this close even today :) And I also hope that the VA's in America will get interviewed too
  18. SorasTwilight

    They Met Again

    It was a typical Friday night as the woman was alone in her house, again. She could hear the laughter of children from their trick-or-treating and the young ones who stayed up to god knows how late into the evening. The woman was alone as always, especially on Hallows Eve where she had no one to...
  19. SorasTwilight

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 Launch Showcase on December 1!

    My one question I would get to ask is this: Would there be anything you would've done differently if you had the chance to go back to one of the games again?
  20. SorasTwilight

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    Well time for me to go get my money back from Gamestop. I am soooooo purchasing this! Way better deal.