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    Avenue Q

    There isn't enough Avenue Q love in these forums. After all, it's only the BEST musical in the world (IMO). So what do you think about Avenue Q? For those who doesn't know what it is, here's a little song from the show: YouTube - The Internet Is For Porn
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    Am I the only one...

    It's an OK game but its too hard. I cant beat Riku (after Destiny Island) in CoM and I cant even best Vexen in Twilight Town in Re:CoM
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    What struck you as odd?..

    How Kairi looks like a monkey in the first trailer ...ewwwwwwwwwwwww
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    Something in Days got my attention(possible spoiler).

    Nomura did say that days and bbs had connections
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    WHY AND HOW!?!

    But why does Vanitas look like Sora? Edit: Nevermind I found the answer
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    BBS Boss List -Spoilers, Duh-

    You fight Peter Pan? Awsome.
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    After BBS

    Nomura said that there would be a secret boss. Even tougher than The Lingering Sentiment
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    Roxas vs. Sora

    I like Sora better. Roxas is too depressing
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    Braig at the Gathering

    For all we know The Gathering could be a hidden place in 100 acres wood. That would explain why we can see Whinnie and co. on that Command Board thing.
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    Help/Support ► Spanish films?

    And French too...:31: (25 characters)
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    Help/Support ► Spanish films?

    You could do La Grande Séduction. It's supposed to be one of the best french canadian film.
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    Most Powerful Days Mission Mode Character

    Where is Xaldin in this poll????? Xaldin has the POWER!!!!
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    Worst world in the game

    All the worlds because there weren't enough Disney bosses. And Lock, Shock and Barrel suck.
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    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    Kairi is a stupid slut that can't do anything by herself and Naminé... well she's just not a good part of Kingdom Hearts
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    Return of the Invisible

    I prefered defeating the Orcus. The Invisible was too soon in the game so I just RTC'd
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    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I'm French and in french x sounds more like "Ks" so I always pronounced it Ks-ion and I still do it. I don't like how Sh-ion sounds
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    When Roxas' story was finally over(took me 3 hours to do that part) And the awsomeness of Auron when he's battling Hades : "This is my story and you're not part of it"
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    Fav mission mode character

    I usually take Xaldin cause he's easy to control and strong
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Emerald Serenade for obvious reasons and the Leechgrave in Halloween Town with all those Tentaclaws that eat you
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    the isle return

    It's not because it's not on the map that it doesn't exist