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  1. SoraXVen

    Kairi and the key blade

    I was thinking that he may have met Aqua in the RoD and she gave it to him to give to Kairi so she could start protecting herself. After all, Kairi is the one who sparked that blades creation. I'm guessing Riku could "dual wield" it long enough to pass it on because of Xeanhort's heart touching...
  2. SoraXVen

    Kairi and the key blade

    well i was searching the archives to find the interview of nomura announcing the next saga to show a friend, when I happened across this: Basically, doesn't this prove that the Keyblade Kairi used was her own because Aqua performed the ceremony of succession with her (albeit accidental). Or is...
  3. SoraXVen

    TV ► legend of korra episode 1

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but just found full episode 1 on anilinkz.com. The show is set to premiere on April 22, 2012. First episode was kind of jumpy, but it did a good job of getting the set up out of the way. Korra is badass :cool:
  4. SoraXVen

    KH3D Preorder Gift Speculation

    I'd like to see a keychain in the shape of KK or WtD as a preorder gift. Maybe they could even do a random dream eater figurine.
  5. SoraXVen

    How can Pinocchio himself be in this game?

    We don't exactly know the nature of the worlds within the realm of sleep as of yet. But if you recall the demo plays through traverse town and we know that one is still in the realm of light as well. A popular theory going around is that the worlds in the ROS have something to do with memories...
  6. SoraXVen

    Dream Eaters will have the same fate as the Unversed

    That's actually a good point. But we're not sure if Xemnas had any of Xeanhorts memories at this point in time. Judging from the TGS trailer we'll have more insight for that in 3D. And most of those missions were just attempts to develop Rox. an Xion through battles, so it's possible he just...
  7. SoraXVen

    Dream Eaters will have the same fate as the Unversed

    There's really no way of answering that one way or the other. We might be able to guess once we realize how much xeanhort remembered before splitting. Although I do think we're reading a bit too much into that particular quote. The main point is that neither pure blood or emblem were in the...
  8. SoraXVen

    Maleficent possibly disrupting the MoM?

    I really like this idea. Maleficent really didn't serve a purpose after KH1 chronologically. I personally would love to see her come back with that voodoo guy from princess and the frog. But I'm not to sure what he has to do with dreams though lol.
  9. SoraXVen

    Dream Eaters will have the same fate as the Unversed

    The pure-blood heartless i guess always existed in the RoD, and Xeanhort just had the ability to summon them foe whatever reason. But the non-purebloods came into existence in the RoL through Xeanhort/Ansems experiments with people's hearts. Also I think it is safe to say that not many people in...
  10. SoraXVen

    Dream Eaters will have the same fate as the Unversed

    How did unversed jumble up the story at all. BBS had to have an enemy that wasn't heartless or nobody seeing as neither existed yet because apprentice Ansem didn't do his experiments yet, so he made unversed a la Vanitas' evil emotions. Vanitas is gone so now they are too. Leaving everything...
  11. SoraXVen

    KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku (clearer art now!)

    I really like sora's new red/black combo. It jus suits him. And I don't see much difference with Riku besides his hair, but for some reason it does make him look more bad ass. Although to be honest, I was hoping to see some armor this time around. Oh well
  12. SoraXVen

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    Oh cool. I was excited enough from this. Glad we have more info coming up we can look forward too.
  13. SoraXVen

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    @ Ethnic Woman I thought this was from TGS? @ Tsuna Yeah, now that you say it, I can kinda see Jack in the bottom. But this is Traverse Town so that would need some explaining :/
  14. SoraXVen

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    Is everyone sure those party members are Donald and Goofy, I watched the thing 5 times and I just can't see those pics being them
  15. SoraXVen

    Keychain or Keyblade

    Yeah that makes sense. I was getting confused because of the whole key chain thing. I wish they would go into more detail about the keyblades in the game tho. This speculation crap is confusing as hell
  16. SoraXVen

    Keychain or Keyblade

    Ok, so I get why that's not Kairi's keyblade. But what my main question was about is with each of these exchanges, what is really given the keyblade or keychain. I need to find the quote but I'm pretty sure Nomura said each keyblade is an extension of that person's heart. So it wouldn't make...
  17. SoraXVen

    Keychain or Keyblade

    The only thing i don't get about this then is how KK (which should be Riku's) Finalized its choice to stay with sora and then Riku now has WTD. Each heart can only have one keyblade, so by this logic Riku's heart technically has/made a total of two keyblades. Edit: @sign. That has to be Kairi's...
  18. SoraXVen

    Keychain or Keyblade

    The exact specifications and details of keychains have never really been touched on in Kingdom Hearts. I was wondering what constitutes the keyblade's power and allegience, the keychain or the heart it was born out of. Basically what I'm wondering is if the keyblade itself is permanently bound...
  19. SoraXVen

    Digimon World (psp)

    I am a huge digimon fan, and i just found out that there's a new digimon game coming to the psp. not much is known except the DW1 battle system will be implemented with some upgrades and you will be able to evolve your digimon into anything you want to(as opposed to a linear set of evos).Plus...
  20. SoraXVen

    Bomberman 3DS

    I'm a huge bomberman fan, so I was really excited when I saw a bomberman title for the 3DS game lists released close to the systems launch. Although there has not been much info since its anouncement. What do you all think is going on with the game?