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    Help/Support ► Learning a Language

    I'm learning Japanese because I was really interested in manga, but now I feel so-so about it. However, I still continueing doing that 'cause I don't think there's no other lang. that I could learn that far. This coming summer vacation I think I will self-study more 'cause I don't often...
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    Oh leave that case alone :D
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    Yeah.. Since there's one makes thread that irrelevant to this forum "Roxas likes.." So I thought TerraxAqua would be fine.. I know that it may look stupid, but well.. it might be nice for some people who like shipping pairings and many threads are kinda serious. This is just a thread for a...
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    Agreed, their relationship is just friends. can't help pairing them 2gether, anyway XDD LMAO he did...
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    Regardless Ienzo turning bad, this is cute!!!!!:36: Wow! I want Ansem the Wise and Ienzo Sotacon doujinshi! Kyaaaaa!
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    So who looks cooler...[SPOILERS]

    Chevalier Sombre, that vid is epic XD I think Vanitas with his revealed face is more cool XD and OMG comparison between his suit and Riku's.. I just noticed how muscular Vanitas is.. It's like Sora get buff!! XD *droooooools* LOL I liked reading sorta Sora-turns-evil fanfic, and this is coool...
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    Don't flame me for this, but if you like love interest/pairing crap, here what I found :p YouTube - Terra x Aqua (Roses And Butterflies)
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    okay, fixed that again. Thank you all :) btw, for Terra, what shocked me is just his heart being in his armour, and that answered why Sora met him in the FM.
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    ok, thanks. I'm gonna fix that^_^
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    I just wanna know whose ending has shocked you most. To me, it's Aqua and AtW being alive in the Dark Margin and met each other, so increditble, especially Aqua wandering around there for 12 years.
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    Why Aqua hasn't ageed since she stuck in there?
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread This is despair; Kairi stick on Destiny Island D: *rips Nomura's throat* I guess RikuxSora would be happy as it seems Riku is gonna accompany him for sure.. facepalm
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    About TAV's ages...

    I guess... Terra is 21 Aqua is 19 Ven is 15, like Sora, Roxas, Namine, and Kairi
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    BBS poster + dengeki PlayStation cover

    - Ven looks weird.. and Terra looks MORE weird o_O - Aqua looks more boyish. Maybe Nomura just worked on Lightning little too much XD - Terra's Keyblade is worst in there : (
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    New Famitsu Scan (Lilo & Stitch World)

    so excited! finally new BBS scan! Aqua is cool XD Cool that there's the Stitch World when Stitch is still in the space..
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? I'd like Jesse to be Ven's VA Cool but isn't Dakota too younger for Aqua's voice? She must sound girly I like the idea that says Johny Young Bosch would be Terra's XDD
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    Exchange your superstition

    It maybe from your local or your own belief :D 1. Don't sing while you're taking a shower/bath.(I don't know why) 2. Don't play hide and seek in the night as a ghost will play a trick on you, so the seeker cannot find you for so long, like it's making fun of you. I think this supersition...
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    favourite cut scene in KH2

    I fave cutscene is when Riku took off his blindfold and told everyone his problem.. his embarrasment "How can I face anyone?" and then he realized he is not alone.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    1. Kairi is still a Mary Sue and damsel in distress, which bucked me. 2. Riku didn't turn up till nearly the end. (and the following numbers are not for what disappointed me but SHOCKED ME.) 3. Kairi can weild a Keyblade and it's pink, stupid disgustful. 4. Sora knelt and cried over Riku. But...
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    Terra, Ven, Aqua = Axel, Roxas, and Xion?

    No... It's just coincident that each game has its own 'three main characters'.. Trio is so popular in KH that it'd be frustrating :/ However I like TAV but ARX is weird and unfamiliar to me