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    Xion+ Aqua's Armor idea

    Um...an Unbirth. Like Namine + Xion = Kairi... I can't explain it. Different sides of her heart. Or Xion could be the manifestation of Sora's memories of Kairi.
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    Xion+ Aqua's Armor idea

    I think that the kids from Birth by Sleep are 1 of 2 things: Parents. (Ven = Sora's Dad. Aqua = Kairi's Mom. Terra = Riku's Dad.) And they lived in Radiant Garden. *expects flames* OR. Sora, Kairi and Riku in another reality. Blah. And I think Xion is is a piece of Kairi and Namine.
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    Greatest Achievement of Re:CoM

    I think that Larxene was the best thing about it. Oh, and me, of course. Zexi.
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    Relationship between Axel and Riku

    Cha. But Axel is not Riku's nobody. I was saying I believe that stuff over this.
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    Relationship between Axel and Riku

    Eh...im fairly certain that Axel and Roxas were dating and that Riku and Sora had something going on...but this is just wierd.
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    Larxene is Bad-a**, yo.

    Yeh, i always called Larxene Larxinay (like namine) for some reason. I like Marlusha better than what i thought it was though.
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    Larxene is Bad-a**, yo.

    Indeed, Larxene is teh shiz. I still prefer the english chick, cuz i cant understand japanese. ;p
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    Larxene is Bad-a**, yo.

    Oh, really? Yuko...? Do you have any links to any vids?
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    Larxene is Bad-a**, yo.

    ...why? There is a point to it. Im talking about how cooler it is with voice actors...ok yeah ur right theres no point to it.
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    Larxene is Bad-a**, yo.

    I played Com, and Larxene didnt really effect me. But Re:Com Larxene never fails to make me laugh. She's quick-witted, funny and deliciously mean. Where can I find a girl like that...too bad she had to die, though. Just goes to show how a good voice actress can really shake things up.
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    NO WAY!

    Cha. I do believe this is the coolest place I've ever been. lol :thumbup:
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    Is there even GOING to be a Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I ask this because I have no interest in the new ds and psp games. In my opinion, they're just spin offs and not part of the real series, and I will not purchase them. So, is there going to be a KH III with Sora in it?
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    How far are you in the game?

    Im on Hollow Bastion. Taking a break cuz I was up for 24 hours playing.