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  1. Axellover21

    The darknesses.

    Thank you! And yeah this is just my fan speculation
  2. Axellover21

    The darknesses.

    Can someone help me please? I was trying to name all of Xehanort's group but i end up with two missing instead of one. Can someone clear this up for me please, I have named 1.Master Xehanort 2.Ansem SOD 3.Xemnas 4.YMX 5.Terranort? 6.Isa 7.Braig 8.Demyx 9.Luxord 10.Marluxia 11.Larxene I know he...
  3. Axellover21

    Braig or Xigbar

    Not sure if you're tallking about just in 3D, but we saw Braig a lot in Birth by Sleep, and that took place in the RoL.
  4. Axellover21

    Lea Discussion

    Wow I just spoiled myself so bad, Oh well! Not sure how I feel about Lea getting a keyblade but as long as he kicks a** who cares? I'm actually looking forward to and emotionally fight scene between him and Isa.
  5. Axellover21

    Nomura Interview in Famitsu Translated!

    that makes sense
  6. Axellover21

    Nomura Interview in Famitsu Translated!

    I see what your saying. In the jump festa trailer, it shows Lea talking to Ienzo and saying "why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?" What is so icky about the job Yen Sid gives him? If Yen Sid did give it to him i'm just guessing
  7. Axellover21

    Nomura Interview in Famitsu Translated!

    mmmmmm A good question would be what Nomura considers a Key Character. And exactly what role Lea/Axel has to play, i mean just a general idea of what he does would be nice.
  8. Axellover21

    Why does Maleficent want...

    I love the idea of Maleficent in a nursing home, the thought makes me chuckle. I actually think she could have some potential though if they gave her a decent plot she could be an alright villan again.
  9. Axellover21

    Just a question.

    Oh I see thanks :) grrr stupid 25 characters rule
  10. Axellover21

    Just a question.

    I'm hearing some people say that YMX is the mysterious figure from BBS. What makes you think that? The only reason I'm questioning this is because I don't like time travel plots.
  11. Axellover21

    KH3D Impressions from Famitsu Weekly

    Oh gosh I can't wait! It sounds like this game is gunna have the most action playing wise and plot hole wise!
  12. Axellover21

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    Mind-Blown. Can't wait to find out what Lea and Yen Sid were talking about.
  13. Axellover21

    Blank Boints Question

    Ok thank you, that's what I thought, but I just wanted to see if anyone had a different reason.
  14. Axellover21

    Blank Boints Question

    Why was Auqa crying when she said Sora's name?
  15. Axellover21

    Byakuya Kuchiki, the Saix of Bleach.

    I just thought that these two seemed very similar. Post what you think. :tongue:
  16. Axellover21

    Terra/ Xehanort theory !Spoilers if you haven't played BBS!

    Ok this makes sense but it is mentioned that killing the heartless and nobody causes the origional form to return so then Terra should come back instead of Xehanort right?
  17. Axellover21

    Terra/ Xehanort theory !Spoilers if you haven't played BBS!

    So what your saying is that Xemnas is Terra's nobody and that MX has a nobody not mentioned yet in the KH games?
  18. Axellover21

    Terra/ Xehanort theory !Spoilers if you haven't played BBS!

    I have been thinking about the whole Terra situation lately, So HERE IS MY THEORY! Xehanort took over Terras body right? So both of there souls and hearts were in Terra/ xehanort when he gave his heart to darkness. So where did there souls go? Well What if(and dont freak out if this is...