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    Fanfiction ► Two Great Powers Collide! Kurosaki vs Uchiha!

    A Devastating Battle! Two Great Powers Collide! Kurosaki vs. Uchiha! Let’s just say that in some crazy universe that pairs a fight between Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach vs. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. The battle will happen in a memorable place, the inside of Ichigo’s mind. In normal perspective...
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    Soul Eater (Manga)

    Before I start: This is a manga and has nothing to do with Riku (Kingdom Hearts) Soul Eater Keyblade!!! Soul Eater is a manga that plunges the user into a world where the Grim Reaper (Shinigami) is a "Good Guy" And that despite the sinister designs that there is a good side and bad side...
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    Hi, just posting this thread to let manga reader to turn their attention to a manga called Sekirei Not much left I can say without spoiling anything so I'm just going to give a prologue: Summary Minato is a total loser. He's failed to make it into college twice, he's unpopular with women, and...
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    I love this thread it is just awesome! Its such a great idea!!!!!
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    Which Finishing Move Was Better?

    In the One Piece story arc of the CP9 which finishing move was better? Come on people I wanna know your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Limit form

    Does any1 ever consider the fact that the abilities in Limit Form you may have to access them by using a KH1 save file?