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  1. Korai

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    My biggest freaking pet peeve, I can't even go on the kingdom hearts Facebook page, the comments are almost all complaining about 3, ugh they have no idea what the story is, and they have no idea how SE is developing the games, and they're all SO ANGRY about not having kh3 RIGHT. FREAKING. NOW...
  2. Korai

    Trophy Completion Statistics

    I'm pretty close to done with kh1 and bbs, but these stats are a little embarrassing. Why even buy the game if you're gonna give up on com literally right away? And the movies are long, but it's been 8 months, and if anything it's a free gold trophy just to run the scenes overnight and flip...
  3. Korai

    A question about Ven's heart

    The key blade of people's hearts wasn't complete (6/7), so it might not have had the power to, and vens heart may have resisted, and sora only ever meant to remove kairi and his own heart, unaware that vens existed. Plus, it was sleeping/locked away, so vens heart was in a pretty different...
  4. Korai

    What is Organization XIII doing in all the different worlds?

    Have you beat the game yet? If not, keep playing and you'll find out!
  5. Korai

    What happened to Terra's heart?

    Maybe kh3 preorders will come with a "Kingdom Hearts Bible" that spells out every little detail lol I wish they would provide more examples of people becoming Nobodies so that we could definitively say wether or not a Heartless MUST be created in order for there to be a Nobody, I feel like the...
  6. Korai

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    I can't decide wether kh1 or bbs is my favorite, I actually like the command deck. I will say that there are a lot of useless commands, but in bbs I think it worked quite nicely in terms of command melding and getting abilities from them. The shotlock was really nice, strong enough that I used...
  7. Korai

    What was that whole thing with Maleficent?

    I didn't understand it either till I replayed it in the hd remix lol
  8. Korai

    What was that whole thing with Maleficent?

    She sent them to the Realm of Darkness, right? And then Riku must've helped them back out. Either that or Maleficent got them out, too.
  9. Korai

    Help/Support ► When is a hug more than a hug?

    I wanna take a poll to get an idea of what is generally accepted here: First, how long can a hug be between two friends of opposite gender before it's crossing the boundary between friend and significant other? Next, imagine 2 friends of opposite genders who are very good friends and are very...
  10. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    Or he was amnesiac and didn't know what Braig was talking about
  11. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    I think that the amnesia probably isn't fake, since he wasn't sure who he was when Aqua first found him in radiant garden, and because when he tried to force Terra's heart out, and he fell into the realm of darkness, it probably caused some trauma that made locked their memories away and made...
  12. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    Maybe he did know about heartless. The Xehanort that researched them under Ansem was the amnesiac Xehanort, remember? And there's a scene where Xehanort commands novashadows to attack Ventus. It definitely wouldn't be easy to contain Terra as a heartless, but probably easier than just Terra's...
  13. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    Mine's not quite the same, though. Vanitas was the part of Ven's heart that was made of darkness. I think the guardian is extra darkness that Terra picked up over his life, especially during BBS
  14. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    I elaborated a bit more lol
  15. Korai

    Xehanort's Guardian

    I think It's Terra's heartless. When Xehanort entered Terra, it could be that he used the present darkness to turn Terra's heart into a heartless in order to keep Terra's heart under control, and then keeping the heartless within Terra's body. It could have been very tentative, though, and...
  16. Korai

    I feel dumb but....I'm stuck

    All I can say about this battle is, R.I.P. Left thumb.
  17. Korai

    "Fish Face"

    lol its funny cuz its probably true XD
  18. Korai

    News ► Black Friday Deals: Kingdom Hearts

    Think of it as... supporting the franchise XD
  19. Korai

    "Fish Face"

    Yes. Not nearly as often as in some other KH games, but yes.
  20. Korai

    "Fish Face"

    "... but never directly at each other. Look over each others heads or way off to the side like aerith here."