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    CUTSCENES - Ven and Vanitas' origins

    Does anyone have a translation to this?!
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    Lea's eyes

    I don't know if this has any importence but I noticed this Lea and isa's eyes are the same color. But here it isn't
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    hey guys i thought you would like to know

    I think snuggies are a waste of money, I'd rather have a KH blanket.
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    Really? Your not making that up are you?
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    Does anyone know or think that Demyx's Somebody is getting into BbS?
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    Dang it. I wanna see little Axel!
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    I meant a picture or something? That was just someone writing.
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    I keep on reading about this impression thing that show Ven and Lea meeting? Can someone point me in the right direction on finding it? A link would be nice.
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    Ventus and Axel.

    Wher is this impression that everyone is talking about?
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    It was a teardrop. http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/137280-axel-s-heart-roxas-light.html this explains it. read.
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    Why same voices?

    Roxas, Xemnas, and Namina are special Nobodies. Normal Nobodies stay exactly the same as their somebodies. ( beside the obvious)
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    Saïx's true name revealed!

    Coolio! THat's what I thought it was at first, but then i thought it sounded like A girls name, so then I thought it was Asi. So I wass right the first time!
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    Ven saves Ienzo?

    Can some one put this picture on the thread?
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    AXEL andSAIX's connection

    I highly doubt someone such as Saix would have friends. but who knows. maybe Siax was a goof ball with a heart. Or maybe Lea was being played. I bet they worked together, probably as warriors. and most likely in hallow bastion.
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    10 years.

    Yeah, BbS is supposed to take place 10 years before Sora's island is attacked right? Well what I'm wondering is that what was Xemnas and Ansem SoD doing doring that time in the middle? They didn't wait for Sora to appear and say 'oh look! a Keyblade!' right? Soem insight would be helpful...
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    the days manga

    Does any one know when the next chap for the days manga is going to be posted on the site? if they are at all?
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    Thing to notice in new material

    Dude, it was kinda obvious.
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    Little/Big Zexion Theory

    First off Ugh! why does naruto have to dragged into everything?! Second: either he had a growth spurt or they di something to him to make him taller.
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    Ienzo and his "book"

    Ok, you are assuming way too much. first, Since when does Ienzo trian under vexen, weren't they all workinhg for Ansem the wise? Second, you are assuming that Even cared about Ienzo. Since when did that happen?
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    Braig similar?

    <- Is it me, or does he look kinda like Vayne from Final Fatasy xii?