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  1. SweetYetSalty

    Did you like the direction that the developers took Kingdom Hearts?

    I agree with a lot of what others have already said. For me personally I only follow this series for the characters. The storytelling and lore lost me when we reached BBS. The Mark of Mastery and Keyblade lore was the beginning of the end for the story but thankfully the characters are still...
  2. SweetYetSalty

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    I'm late to the rumors of a live action Kingdom Hearts movie. Really? Live action? If that's true I hope it's just an original story idea with the lore of Keyblades and Heartless. I'm hoping it's not a retelling of KH1. Either way this is either going to be really good or really bad. I don't...
  3. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    I haven't read the chapter just saw some screenshots not translated so I have no idea what's being said. But wow if looks could kill. Roxas and Xion show no signs of sympathy for Saix as he's dying. It's like they came back straight after Days and KH2. I've been wondering about how they'd do...
  4. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    So Marluxia, Larxene, and Luxord have been skipped? I guess that makes the most sense as their defeats are nothing but sequel bait and I highly doubt we get another KH manga after this. Still RIP manga Luxord. That man was a legend in KH2 and Days mangas. I don't recall the Guardian even being...
  5. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    I know the KH manga is a mess right now. I'm not going to blame Shiro Amano for it. It's certainly upsetting and sad given I like how the manga has told most of the KH stories better then the games. So while I'm bummed about so much stuff being skipped I'm just tuning in for the KG stuff at this...
  6. SweetYetSalty

    What are your thoughts on Xemnas?

    Xemnas is my favorite villain, even though he rarely does villainous acts directly. I definitely liked him more in KH2 and Days. That's not to say I didn't enjoy him in DDD and KH3, because I did. I just prefer his early motivations. Xemnas was always going to use Kingdom Hearts to try and take...
  7. SweetYetSalty

    Public domain characters

    When I heard Mickey went public domain the first thing I thought of was a slasher movie coming in. I can already see them making a movie with a creepy ghost-like ship that resembles Mickey's steamboat that lures children in with their creepy mouse captain. Disney has been dreading this day.
  8. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    So I guess Repliku died offscreen after his random humorous ending in the COM manga. I'm still bummed by the situation the KH3 manga finds itself in. If given the time and having the freedom it could have been just as good as it's predecessors in some areas. Honestly with how things have...
  9. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    Say what?! I go on vacation for a time and come back to find the KH3 manga in darkness? I had worries and cocerns for this manga but none like this. Skipping Monstropolis and San Fransokyo? I knew Pirates would be skipped, no surprise there but those two worlds? That's a massive bummer...
  10. SweetYetSalty

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    That's the death I wanted Saix/Isa to get going into KH3. Just let him die the jealous, irredeemable, manchild of a villain the games had portrayed him until this point. I miss hating him. Not only did I not get it but he got off way easier then Xehanort did. And frankly so did many of the other...
  11. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    It's a shame it looks like the manga also didn't do anything special with the Elsa/Anna part of Arendelle. But at least we get more SDG content with Marshmallow. I'm glad they'll be leaving the Frozen aspects of the story given how strict it seems to be. I hope the Monstropolis portion will be...
  12. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    Excellent! Now that is the kind of stuff I was expecting from the KH Manga. Going to different places, adding Jiminy where he normally wouldn't be, and overall being a delight! In the words of Rabbit "MORE! MORE!"
  13. SweetYetSalty

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    So I'm not the only one who is bad at and hates mandatory racing segments in a game. I especially hate it when it's forced into a game when it's not the genre. It's one of my biggest complaints when I re-play the Jak series. Doesn't matter how good at platforming you are, if you can't race you...
  14. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    I'm wondering if they'll bring up the Vexen replicas. Also it seems they went to Arendelle before Monstropolis.
  15. SweetYetSalty

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    There is currently no real explanation for the Terranort voice change. It's inconsistent since the same thing happened to Riku in KH1 and his voice was a fusion of his and Ansem's. They couldn't go that route because Apprentice Xehanort was already shown in KH2 with a singular voice. Why they...
  16. SweetYetSalty

    What if? Theatrhythm: Kingdom Hearts

    Honestly anything to make the game meatier, have more content and last longer. Melody of Memory is a seriously underrated KH title and a few simple tweaks could have kept it alive much longer. Maybe a MoM2 can fix that?
  17. SweetYetSalty

    KINGDOM HEARTS III Manga Volume 3 releasing March 2023 in Japan

    That's great news. The cover looks nice and it's covering both Toy Box and the magical fairy tale land that has no name. I really hope they take advantage of skipping DDD when introducing Young Xehanort. It also pleases me this volume will be little bigger then the last two.
  18. SweetYetSalty


    I've only ever beat Yozora on Beginner mode. He murdered me in Proud.
  19. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    I think there's more to it then that. Kingdom Hearts has always been selective when they use the Caribbean world in material. There's also stuff with Johnny Depp. I imagine he needs a salary whenever they use his image. The novels were able to get away with it as Amano did no artwork of the...
  20. SweetYetSalty

    What do we call Norting now?

    I remember people talking about her turning into a Darkling or something. I don't remember the lore on Darklings to speculate on that. If she did have a piece it wasn't a strong one given how short lived Dark Aqua was. It didn't feel anywhere near as dire as Terra's situation, who to this day...