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    Ability of Ven's Heart?

    I just had another idea. You all are saying that Sora can connect his heart to anyone, which is based off the BBS Secret Epilogue Ending. However, what about Ven's heart? When Roxas was in the organization, he made Axel feel as if he had a heart. Would that be because of Ven's heart of Sora's...
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    Sora's Wielding Abilities

    I never imagined that one of my theories would spark some form of a debate, even if it was a small one at that. But still, it makes me wonder - what is the real reason that Sora is able to wield. Is it that he really was a Chosen one? Or is it because of Ven's heart. Do you think this'll be...
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    Sora's Wielding Abilities

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but meh. Now, according to Birth By Sleep, Ven's heart was placed inside Sora at the end of the game. Does this mean that the only reason Sora is able to wield a Keyblade is because of Ven's heart being him him? Afterall, I think if memory...
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    The contents of the letter will most likely remain hidden (Regardless of if Nomura has an actual purpose for the letter), or we'll probably get some small hints about what was said in the letter. 's what I think at least. We don't know anything till the audio is up, which won't be till later...
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    This thread is full of lulz, win, and drama. </offtopic> Anyways, this whole thing can be settled if we just came to a simple solution; Lock the thread. It's become a pothole for drama and chaos. Although, since I haven't posted in a while, I can't remember if this is normal. Also, I'm quite...
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    BBS Opening Movie?

    If I remember right, Utada said she wasn't doing another song for the KH series.
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    Spoiled the game...

    Yes, indeed. However, some people I know like to play games in Chronological order, and have never even touched KH2 yet and refuse to till they finish KH1, CoM, and 358. (BBS isn't released yet, so that's why it wasn't thrown into the fold). But yeah, for the most part, 358's Final boss should...
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    Spoiled the game...

    Yes, you fight her, however... (I forget how to implement spoiler tags since I never had the need to use them before ;-;) Xion is the Second-to-last boss, The last boss is... a very tall dude who's name I shall not say due to that being a spoiler.
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    Enchanted Dominion Battle Music Preview

    Really really good. If I didn't read what you said about this not being aranged the same as Yoko Shimomura's version, I would of probably thought it was her version of the song. It really is good. If you do decide to do one of the other requests that people have made in this thread, good luck on it.
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    358/2 english demo

    I believe that it's Anime music. The first is Resonance from Soul Eater. Second is from Naruto, but im not quite sure.
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    358/2 english demo

    @.@; I hear FFVII music in the background.. and it didnt sound like it came from the Original game. Like Bombing Mission and One-Winged Angel.
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    1000 Heartless battle.

    Oh my.. wow. First time I seen anything like that o.0; Oh how I wish that was in the game as one of the final battles v.v Edit: Also, the 1k Heartless battle was eh. It was a good way to waste time and relax. Other then that, nothing very special about it.
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    Vexen's laugh

    I laughed at his Laugh ._.; I've seen and heard scarier things. His laugh sounds like someone who is high off of helium [Japanese I mean]
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    UGH! Why Namine!?! WhY!?!

    Heh. I think it was because I saw Advent Children before playing any of the KH games that I grew accustomed to the KH2 VA for Aerith. Don't get me wrong, I think KH1's VA did a better job then KH2's. I'm just more used to the VA that she had from the second game.