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  1. J

    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    I fought them! The hardest is Dustflier. To tell the truth, I haven't even defeated it!
  2. J

    Lit ► The Chipettes Guild

    Please join my guild at neopets! Heres the link. Neopets - Chipette Guild And sign up to neopets here (if u dont have one) Neopets - Sign Up with Neopets (Step 1 of 4) Please reply back here after you have done this. And if your going to say something mean then keep it to yourself! Thanks
  3. J

    Challenger: Zoey

    Profile: Name: Zoey Level: 70 Weapon: Microsword Strength: 217 Defense: 105 Magic: 178 Atk Speed: 129 _________ Quick Rules: 1. One challenger at a time 2. You CANNOT be immortal or something 3. Fight fear 4. Can't block or dodge the whole time 5. Have fun and don't boo-hoo if ya loose...
  4. J

    the hardest mission

    Well, in Mission Mode, I played as Xemnas for The Ruler Of The Sky at level 61 or 69 (can't really remember). The six giant heartless mission was easy for me in story mode, but REALLY hard on Mission Mode! Leechgrave was really tough in story mode but I don't have a badge to play it on Mission...
  5. J

    Unlock Sora?

    Thanks a bunch everyone! (Hey! That rhymes sorta!)
  6. J

    Master's Circle

    Great! I've been using the Master's Circle against Anti-Riku for quite a while and I kept on loosing. Now that I've reed all of this I finally know what the Master's Circle's abilities means. No wonder why I kept on loosing!
  7. J

    Unlock Sora?

    I'm totally confused! I completed all my missions in mission mode, I went to the Moogle Shop and guess what?! All I saw is "The King's Return" and not "Sora's Sacrafice"! I didn't really want Mickey Mouse, I wanted Sora! So the next thing I tried is to unlock more missions. I tried that and I...
  8. J

    Secret Boss?

    Umm...what is the Dustflier?
  9. J

    Coded Platform?

    Same... I would rather wait too...
  10. J

    vens, roxas, and soras room

    Even the beds are at the same position! But I don't know about Ven's room, haven't seen it yet...
  11. J

    Newbie In Town! That's Me!

    I'm new to this forum but I'm not new to the game Kingdom Hearts. I have Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 and 358/2 Days. I don't have any of the Final Mixes or Chain Of Memories, so I have to watch the cutscenes and stuff on YouTube. So anyway, you can call me Jeanette, Jean, Jane, Jay Jay, Boo, J...