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    Famitsu 4/5 Translations! OP UPDATED

    I think this might be one of those differences between cultures. A joke in Japan can seem odd here. So I wouldn't read to much into it.
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    BBSV2 is closer than we think...

    In case if you forgot...KH 3d is next year...Nomura said that would be the anniversary game, but it's not entirely impossible for osaka to be involved in both bbs2 and 3d because of the exsisting engine of bbs2..so that is something to ponder.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birthy By Sleep Final Mix question

    Is it possible to legally get an english translation patch for final mix when it comes out? LIke on my psp?
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    RE:Coded ultimania interviews

    Re: Coded ultimania interviews I wanted someone to actually read this thread and answer....and hey its not my fault that you don't appreciate someone who knows how to do that.
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    RE:Coded ultimania interviews

    Re: Coded ultimania interviews Thanks for the info, i was just wondering. The translations were up much quicker for BBS ultimania.
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    RE:Coded ultimania interviews

    RE:Coded ultimania interviews Does anybody know if the interviews from RE:Coded Ultimania are being translated currently?
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    What do you think the Final Mix Secret Ending is gonna be?

    Just thinking out loud...but does anybody think that maybe KH3D will be titeled Reconnect and that is why Nomura is excited to tell us teh name.
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    Japaense Box Art (Looks Fun!)

    Can some one just paste it onto a post cause i have a stupid internet protection on my pc that blocks the link
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    Playstation Magazine Review

    For all i know it might have been the july issue, and the prints were sucky so the score is pretty much all that mattered on the page.
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    Playstation Magazine Review

    Hey Everyboday, Last night I was in a book store and looking through gaming magazines and play station magazine had a review of Birth by Sleep in it. I don't know if this has been posted and I don't have a scan, but they loved the game and gave it a 4 out of 5 and said the only negatives were...
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    41st what a rip off BBS is so much better than that.
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    Toy Story and Monsters Inc were meant to be in KH2.

    I think a toy story world will be included in kh3d since Nomura never mentions things by accident and toy story is 3d so that would work out.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS Extra content.

    I wonder who the extra bosses will be, cause we are getting more than that guy with two blue blades. Probably a boss per scenario, but hopefully each extra boss will be playable for all three characters.
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    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Who other than me thinks that KH3D is going ot be the game showing Sora set out for his next journy and that Osaka team just threw together a trailer to show us what they could do. Kind of like the FF7 tech demo for ps3.
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    Do you think we'll get an actual trailer for Re:coded or just a teaser?

    who else thinks that Re:Coded is not on of the two games Nomura was talking about in Ultimania? Personally I think Re:Coded's announcement might be a redherring. They might try to stun us with a new game. Cause nomura said that a side series was to be set u in one of the games and that one would...
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) Can we get back to talking about the Game. Personally I think it has potential. Hand knows what they screwed up on in days and they will learn from it so I'm looking foward to Re.Coded. Also they should try to release it in August that way it will...
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    Kingodm Hearts Birth by Sleep is now available for pre-order at Best Buy.com
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    New Scenes in English version of BBS

    I think they should add a cgi secret message.
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    Animations style change

    Did anyone else notice the changes between the animations from the original bbs screens and the final copy. The original was more grainy and realistic. Kind of like Dissidia, but the final copy is crystal clear cartoony and colorful.
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    for those who have played bbs

    Thanks for the info Yuupp.