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    Anyone a fan of the anime "shuffle!"? I love the anime cause it has a great dramatic plot.
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    DMX fans, holla!

    Where all the fans of DMX at?! He's comin back or should I say he already is. "Here We Go Again" now called "Year Of The Dog...Again" is going to be his new album releasing hopefully this year. I believe it will be release on Aug. 1st. His new singles that came out "Lord Give Me a Sign" and "We...
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    The fifth keyblade warrior - Prequel

    Prologue Many have fought in a battle of the first keyblade war. Many have fallen and few only survived. There were only five warriors existed after the war. This war was long forgotten and the five warriors form together as a team of renegades. For many years that had passed, the warriors grew...
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    The Matrix - Online and Ready

    This is a short story. I wrote this fan fiction a long time ago when I was really into The Matrix trilogy. I guess it's an unfinished one but enjoy. THE MATRIX - ONLINE AND READY “This...this can’t be real?” said Neo. He was all confused and afraid. Afraid of what he’s going to do. He didn’t...
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    Sailor Moon live action series

    It seems people didn't get my message when I said there's a live action series of Sailor Moon in Japan. It's been aired already. I saw the first episode and it was alright. Here's a fan site I found and it has pretty good information about it: click here to see the website If you are ever...
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    Same scene. Different keyhole.

    Does anyone play a guessing game where each scene you see when Sora locks a keyhole when a certain item starts to shine and glow after beating a world? A guessing game where you guess which theme item would be for to shine and glow to the air so it can reveal a keyhole for Sora to lock.
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    Passion ~Karaoke Version~

    It seems I realized that I posted in the wrong section and the thread I made in the wrong section wasn't bothered to be moved here. Anyways, here's the song for your downloading pleasure. Limited time only! Get it while it last! Download the song here
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    Passion ~Karaoke version~

    I found this and I thought it's pretty rare. I uploaded it for your downloading pleasure. It's the japanese version of passion. If you really like passion and you don't have the karaoke version or add this to your song collection or whatever then get it! Download the file here Limited time only!
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    Ah! My Goddess

    I've been confused cause I got the series that seems to be a different look of the animation. Has it been remade? The first time I watch Ah! or Oh! My Goddess was seems to be an old version. So basically the one I have with a better animation and better picture is a remake? What happened to the...
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    New actor. New James bond movie.

    The next generation of bond films. After Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, who's next in line to take the role of the british secret agent, James Bond? His name is Daniel Craig (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Munich) and he will be playing the role as James Bond from now on. The next movie is called 007...
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    Dead or Alive Movie

    Hey, DOA fans. I just thought you guys might want to check this out. Here's the link to the trailer: Click Here I think it's a bad plot for making a DOA movie and it should've been CGI rather than live action. So what do you all think?
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    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    I'm not sure if this is pointed out already. If people are wondering if sea salt ice cream really exists then take a look what Tomogirl found: Click here to see I give credit for Tomogirl to contribute this news. It's a nice find. Thank you!
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    FFVII AC DVD released in U.S.!

    Did anyone own the dvd already? If any of you own the bonus the disc that came with it, please tell me about it and what features does it contain? For the 2nd disc of FFVII AC, which it is the bonus features dvd. What does it have in it and explain some of them, please. Honestly, I haven't own...
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    Jiminy and Pluto

    Anyone notice that Jiminy only appear in one scene and that's when Sora is finally awakened. After that, he's never to be appear in cutscenes anymore. Where is he all this time? What about Pluto? That dog is somewhere all the time. He's probably the one that knows ALL the things on what's...
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    Light Cycle Mini game

    How many of you guys took you to score 30 in the light cycle minigame? Scoring 30 was required to complete it in Jiminy's Journal. This minigame is the one at Space Paranoids. Tron's world. I don't remember as much but it took me like 8-10 times to actually score 30 or more. My actual score was...
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    Please call me Jin

    I forgot to introduce myself so...yeah. It's me, YaibaTatsuJin, you can see I joined last month <_< *looks at the left side of his stats*. Please call me Jin...Nice to meet you all.
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    Re: journel

    Re: journel Unfortunately I can't help you because....where's your MESSAGE?!
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    Secret Ending Speculation (Contains Spoilers)

    The secret ending is something I see very unexpected than the other secret endings. The two versions of secret endings (Another side, Another story and Deep Dive) from the first Kingdom Hearts game. I hope to see a longer version of Kingdom Hearts II secret ending soon, hopefully not too soon...
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    summons and forms

    What are the maxed levels for Summons and the forms? Well I know that forms max up to Lv7. Is it same for the summons?
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    Another side, another story

    What if Nomura is planning a Kingdom Hearts game where we visit FF worlds instead Disney worlds? And we're playing a totally different main character. Yet the story will somehow tie with the original Kingdom Hearts series. Is Nomura planning this kind of game?!!