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    It actually kind of weird to think that Master Xehanort has technically been the main villian in KH1 and 2. hmmm
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    I just want to know two things. 1. What the hell is an unversed? 2. Why the hell does Vanitas look like Sora if he is made from Ven's "darkness"?
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    Something I noticed about "Eraqus"

    Yeah someone else stated this Coincidence when his name first was released awhile back. sorry bud.
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    Who is this Vearn?

    Its a meme here in KHI. I personally think its fuckin stupid. It was kinda funny at first. but now its kind of stupid.
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    [BBS] Another Ventus X Sora connection

    Its supposedto be a hybrid of both Sora's and Roxas's clothes. this was noticed a LONGGG time ago. its nothing super serious just a little "oh thats cool" kind of thing.
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    A quick Highschool football question.

    Okay so i was wondering, do you think this QB will be picked up by any colleges for football? here are his stat's: Position: QB Ht/Wt: 6'4"/195 Class: Senior Season Record: 8-1 Playoff Record: 3-1 (lost in Semi Finals) Passing Yards P/G: 157.1 Tackles P/G: .1 Longest Rush: 83 Yards Completion...
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Am I the only one that doesn't like the look of Zack?
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    Help/Support ► WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!

    dude its so obvious she want you. Tap that shit man.
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    Rememberance Thread

    Meh my parents or i dont have the money right now. Hopefully for christmas. so like that other guy said, im still waiting
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    Hey im sorry.

    Recently i've have either bumped or posted in a bumped thread. Im sorry. It won't happen again.
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    Birth by Sleep Not Coming to the PSP Go?

    since when did Terra get gloves? :/ have i been gone that long?
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Anyone else think the Captin Justice is bigger than he should be? Like in KH2 Pete didn't seem that big?
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    Wait is almost over!

    Well I better get to buying a PSP
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    Keyblade Design changes (and possible explaination)

    I dont even understand the big deal about Ven's keyblade. It doesn't look like that much of a change?
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    Deleting Posts

    Is there anyway i can have someone delete some posts of mine. There in the Freestyle section and i need to take them off so when i actually reocrd them and hsow them around im not accused of plagerizim.
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    another meaning 4 Vanitas

    omg i am so sick of all these Vanitas threads. jesus.
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    More Vjump Scans

    Ehh I doubt it with the lack of originaility oozing out of SE and Disney. I picture Vanitas being to Ven like how Repliku is to Riku. Or what Xion is to Roxas. something like that.
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    Riku's memories in Xion?

    Although a lot of stuff could also fit with Terra in Riku's position.
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Eraqus is deff Asain. LOOK AT HIS EYES!
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    If Yen Sid got a keyblade that would like ruin all of His Character for me. Including Fantasia