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  1. ultrashadownoob

    The Switch Nature Of Dream Drop Distance might mean more than what we think...

    That would possibly be one of the best boss fights ever. Like the epic final bosses in Kh and KH2, multiple stages, but in each one you would control a different entity of Sora's heart in order to protect him. I would like that a lot. But if we are playing as different entities of Sora for the...
  2. ultrashadownoob

    Who do you want playable in BBSv2?

    I would really love for Kairi's character to actually start to accumulate some depth in BBSv2 or even 3D. She CAN use a keyblade and most likely would be good at magic with the fact that she is a princess of heart. If she would actually DO something for once, that would be great.
  3. ultrashadownoob

    Tag mode question

    Most of the time just leaving Tag mode on doesn't do much, unless you are near a Wi-Fi output signal. And if you are near one, you should receive something instantaneously. So try this- Just go to the nintendo channel on your Wii, and go to the DS Demo service, just click on any demo and then...
  4. ultrashadownoob

    Avatar Items

    You dont need to be near someone with a ds and the game to receive the balloons. Just go to the nintendo channel on your Wii, and go to the DS Demo service, just click on any demo and then wait for it to start transmitting. Go onto tag mode (on Re:Coded) and a balloon will appear. Just back...
  5. ultrashadownoob

    What did you like most about BbS?

    I liked that the game made me LIKE Aqua. I didnt like her, but after beating her story and Last Episode, I felt attached O_O (Ven is still my favorite) The combat was amazing, and it was the first KH game since the first with CHALLENGE. I found myself stuck at bosses much longer than in...
  6. ultrashadownoob

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    Support would be fine, but if the entire game revolved around it..well.. I dont know what i would do. Flailing around to do Strike Raid and Sonic Blade would murder me. I couldnt even play Mario and Sonic and the Olympic games for more than 45 minutes on the wii without killing my arm.
  7. ultrashadownoob

    (spoilers?)Ven and Vanitas?

    For some reason, that makes alot of sence. I get it now :P
  8. ultrashadownoob

    (spoilers?)Ven and Vanitas?

    Thats strange how in the third picture, the image on the pillar looks almost exactly like the one where Sora and Roxas fought, except Sora and Roxas are there instead of Ven and Van. Does anyone know how exactly Ven is connected to Sora? Im still confused about that.
  9. ultrashadownoob

    Idiea about "Another Dive" rumor...(BBS Spoilers)

    I think it might be that Sora has to go to the Realm of Darkness, free Aqua, then get her help as he tries to re-awaken Ven, and free Terra from the armor. Riku coul possibly be a major character in the story too, because maybe Xehanort is still controlling an Unversed version of himself (as the...
  10. ultrashadownoob

    This game is not for children anymore

    ffffuuuI would only want then to show up if they had horrible, God of War style deaths by Mickey. I would stop playing video games alltogether if they were just mentioned in KH.
  11. ultrashadownoob

    This game is not for children anymore

    I was in second grade when I got kh1. I understand most of the connections between characters now, and unlike a bunch on my friends, I didn't find kh 358/2 days confusing. But I agree with the "we've grown up so so did kingdom hearts" thing. Kh1 was almost as jubilant as the gummy bears tv show...
  12. ultrashadownoob

    Ven's Scenario

    Re: Ven's Scenario. Probably because of the people on chat. All that freaking spam!! He was close to the end too... (EDITT oops soory. didnt see that post above mine...)
  13. ultrashadownoob

    Tetsuya Nomura interview with one up

    That would be awesome. I would pay anything for a super-crazy-ultra-PS3 version of FFVII
  14. ultrashadownoob

    IDK...if this has been talked about....but what is ven holding???

    Yeah they might be passes or something. Or they could just be completely unrelated to the story like random playing cards, or PAPER MUNNY
  15. ultrashadownoob

    Tetsuya Nomura interview with one up

    I would die of laughter if that was the case.
  16. ultrashadownoob

    Tetsuya Nomura interview with one up

    Oh god not another one. I mean Im all for fully explaining a really over complex story and everything, but a BBS 2 would just be overkill for me. Im hoping that the secret video will explain the creation of Org. XIII and why Ven and Aqua's armor are in Castle Oblivion. Thats all I really need to...
  17. ultrashadownoob

    scenarios spoiling each other

    I think that I will play Aqua's last because I think that her storyline might answer more questions that were brought up in the other storylines as well as questions from KH2 and KH: 358/2 Days because if she calls herself "Master Aqua" she would have most likely expirienced(sp?) major...
  18. ultrashadownoob

    Above the Clouds

    Evil comes to the land above the clouds (Aries). It plots to take control of the land and turn the residents into it's puppets. These puppets are called DarkArms, and their leader is the Wizard. His name is Kraix (Cry-Ax). A group of soon-to-be heroes must rise to the task and defeat them. The...
  19. ultrashadownoob

    Question about day 321

    On day 321, Roxas wakes up crying. I was just wondering, if he is a nobody, how is it possible that he is feeling sadness? Displays of him showing emotion are also found in earlier days. Is it possible that he is more of a person than a Nobody because Sora is his whole form and has a stong will...
  20. ultrashadownoob

    What Should be the BBS Theme Song?

    that would ruin BBS.. If I turned if on, and a KH rendition of Crank 'dat started to play. Bad things would happen.