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    Riku's Keyblade

    I always thought it was his darkness manifestation or something like that. Like marking the beginning of his journey towards his corruption. Of course he got better afterwards, so I'm not so sure that's the case now...
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    Re: CoM - Sleights

    Re: CoM - Sleights Like everyone else is saying, Sonic Blade is very worth it. At least to me. The reason I really liked Sonic Blade in the first place was because I was all "OOh, Cloud's move? Hell, I'm using this!"
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    Strongest Organization XIII members

    My list: 1.Xemnas 2.Xigbar 3.Larxene 4.Saix...
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    Anti sucks but it's awesome looks make up for it. Anti>Final>Wisdom>Master>Valor
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    Re: The Best Final Stage (MAJOR SPOILERS) The End of the World is bomb. The music, the heartless, and that entire world was just so chilling.
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    ~>>The SoRiku Yaoi Hate Club<<~

    Hey this is a re of Nozomi Ai's club. Here is the link. http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/131029-anti-soriku-fanclub.html If you hate SoRiku join hers ASAP!!! ^_^ EDIT: Weird the link doesnt work... well you can find it yourselves I guess...
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    Swapmagic help

    I have SCPH-77001 PS2 and I want to get swap magic or something so I can play the final mixes or other imported games. I'm really challenged when it comes to stuff like this and Im wondering what I need to play these games. Some places say you need the magic key things and they all pretty much...
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    Riku's blindfold

    O man how could I even question Riku's super awesome prowess. *begs for repentance* I knew it had something to do with Ansem still being in him and having to protect himself from the darkness. I do love his blindfold though, he's super sexy with it >.<
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    Riku's blindfold

    Why? I really don't get it. How can he even fight with a blindfold on? =S
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Thirteen's Thanksgiving Special

    LMFAO http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs12/i/2006/285/2/0/Xig_Dem__like_a_pirate__D_by_emixoO.jpg
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    Giant red heartless thing

    Sorcerer is worst. ...Stupid flying boxes.
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    Giant red heartless thing

    Crimson jazz is up there by Sorcerer on my most annoying kh fiend list. >.<
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    I just noticed something...

    At the end of the game, all the worlds are restored again and everyone goes back to their original worlds right? But how come Kairi stays on Destiny Islands when apparently she came from another world?
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    KH 2 Manga scans

    I don't think it's translated yet. :S
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    Best new thing in KH2

    Riku's hotter. Best ever XD. Besides that I like the new gummi ship thing they do. Makes it more arcade-y. =D
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    I meant "most of the time". The originals most of the time are best in a series. ^^
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    Something I wish they would have done in KH2

    You slaughter those bosses though and you have to do all that to beat the game, right? Maybe harder bosses in general would be better. What if you could actually fully control the gummi ship?? Like, forwards and backwards too? hm... Just thinking out loud heh ^^
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    Well as far as I know the originals are the best... don't attack me XD And unfortunately I've never seen Terminator... =[
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    Something I wish they would have done in KH2

    Perhaps not trinity marks but just something to keep people occupied besides looking for easily spotted treasure chests. Maybe a new "elite" boss that you can battle at each world after you complete the world that would require more than just brute strength to kill. I really liked how you go...
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    True, the originals are always the best in a series.