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  1. MrGubs

    So they STILL never bothered to explain about Ienzo? And question about Roxas

    Haha, If there was a like button on this thread, I would Like this comment :D
  2. MrGubs

    Anyone Sick Of KH1 Themes?

    Yea...I suppose they have a differnt Feel to them, But why cant they try to at least differnt clothes?
  3. MrGubs

    Anyone Sick Of KH1 Themes?

    So we have Chains Of Memories, Coded, and now coming soon KH 3D. What do they all have in common? (other than the fact they are all KH games and they are all side stories to the main games) The same style! Look, I mean its great we have all these side stories, but do we really have to keep...
  4. MrGubs

    Something that doesn't make sense....

    Because Sora is very, very, very, very, very stupid in KH2. He didnt even realise he had a Nobody, even though just about EVERYONE called him Roxas and It took him almost the ENTIRE game to figure that out -_-
  5. MrGubs

    So they STILL never bothered to explain about Ienzo? And question about Roxas

    How would you know that He was a Nobody in a year after BBS? I think It happened sometime within that 10 year gap between BBS and KH1. So he would of grown older of course from BBS -_-
  6. MrGubs

    Terra=Firetrunking useless at minigames!

    So I thought I might try and get some Disney Town Minigames done with Terra to complete some of my Report progress. The Ice Cream Music minigame was alright, but the Kart Racing and the Vollyball? O.M.G TERRA WAS AS USELESS AS A BLADE OF GRASS! KartRacing: Terra is horribly slow, hard to...
  7. MrGubs

    Blank Point? How?

    Would it work if I delete my Standard Mode Terra Save Game Data, start again and choose Terra with either Proud Mode or Critical and finish it to get Blank Points?
  8. MrGubs

    Blank Point? How?

    So...you mean I have to complete 100% of Terra's Report...? Even the Command Collection? :0
  9. MrGubs

    Blank Point? How?

    Ok, so I have completed Terra on Standard Mode, Ventus on Critcal Mode, and Aqua on Proud Mode. I have got all of Xehnort's Reports and I have completed Final Episode on Proud Mode. So now what? What else do I need to do to unlock Blank Point? I thought I needed to complete all three characters...
  10. MrGubs

    Final Episode Question (no spoilers please for final episode!)

    You can only play as Aqua in Final Episode. It sums up the rest of the story. But in order to play Final Episode, you must complete all three campaigns and have all of Xehnort's Reports. (Just if you didnt know already)
  11. MrGubs

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    Ahhh yesss...NOTHING will EVER beat the EPIC Singing in Atlantica xD
  12. MrGubs

    How close were Ansem and Ienzeo really?

    Well you just summed up my thoughts on BBS xD
  13. MrGubs

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    I would give it a no. But Maybe Mini games in KHIII could be compatible with Move. That would add more fun and a challenge to it :)
  14. MrGubs

    Officially beated the game 5 hours ago!

    Yea, I did the same thing with Ventus on Critical Mode. Went there when the game was getting too hard, went up like 15 levels, and carried on with the game :)
  15. MrGubs

    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    Well Birth By Sleep...I really liked alot about this game. I really loved KH2, and every other KH game has not beaten it (In my opinion) Buuut....BBS has come very close to be as equaly as good. I love the Command style, Its better than COM's style of it. Truely amazing moves you can pull off...
  16. MrGubs

    the discription for RE:CODED

    Well I, for one, is exicted about this. I have a crap Phone so when I heard about Coded for the CellPhone, I was annoyed I wasnt gonna be able to play it. But now its on the DS, Well thats MUCH better. Coded is the next game after KH2 and in the middle for Reconnect. So I would of missing out...
  17. MrGubs

    The order of power in Organization XIII?

    You know what? I cant keep looking at Kotoko's Avatar Pic...scary... 0.0
  18. MrGubs

    Too much KH2 hate?

    I love the game waaay beter than KH1. Great gameplay, Awsome graphics, Good story. But the only thing is, Sora...well most times...stuff he says...just...cheesy and they made him kinda dim-witted in my opion. Like for instance, Sora only finds out that Roxas is his nobody like right near THE END...
  19. MrGubs

    Nobody Orb?

    Answer to 4. You must first actually beat the game (Defeat Final Xemnas) and watch the credits. then You will be able to save the game (Unlike the normal KH2) and then go bak into the game, and LS will be unlocked to fight.
  20. MrGubs

    Nobody Orb?

    Ahh, So thats what it is. Im sure it is. I had heard of the "Proofs" to get the BBS Secret trailer. i Think you need to get all of them on one of the game modes to unlock the Trailer. Thanks Heaps ^_^