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  1. Xeon{Myroku}

    Possible 2.5 Bonuses

    Well I would be interested in some Keyblade unlockables in the game.
  2. Xeon{Myroku}

    The other Organization members?

    Not sure if this was put up before or has been discussed but…what happened to the other members of the Organization XIII? I mean from the last game in KH:DDD we saw most of the members of Organization become either whole again and back in Ansems old lab and also those who were still apart of the...
  3. Xeon{Myroku}

    Been here and there

    Hello to everyone! To new and to old. I have been out and about from this site to find new things but I do miss this old forum site so much. I missed the RP's, I missed the friends I had on here, and I missed the discussions on the future games of Square Enix over Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy...
  4. Xeon{Myroku}

    Pokemon Chaos: The End of Everything (OCC and Sign up)

    Pokemon Chaos: The End of Everything The year is 2110, years have gone by since humans and Pokemon have come to live peace on earth. But all that will change as we have known it. It began when former members from evil organizations have joined up together to form a new group called...
  5. Xeon{Myroku}

    Monster Hunter RP?

    I was thinking of putting up a Monster Hunter RP if anyone would like to go for that idea. Put up teams, choose the selection of monsters for the hunt, make up quests, and have a rival guild for competitions in the areana. Anyone interested?
  6. Xeon{Myroku}

    What if Disney villans were the 13 darknesses?

    Highly unlikely, because Master Xeharnort has been looking for either empty vessels like the members of the Orginization or those who have their hearts filled with darkness and easy to take over. If Xeharnort wanted to take over the Disney villians he would've when he had the chance when Ansem...
  7. Xeon{Myroku}

    Hey, I'm back.....

    Yeah I'm back. I'm done with college. I been doing some soul searching, doing a lot of stuff, but I won't be on much I can tell you this. I'll be going easy on the RPs and stuff. So if I join in and I'm in active sorry for being too much of a hassle for you all. So anyway, I'm back.
  8. Xeon{Myroku}


    Yeah I'm gonna be leaving. Don't know when I'll come back or if I'll ever come back. I'm sure some of my friends will be bummed to hear about this and I'm sorry for this.
  9. Xeon{Myroku}

    Anyone think that there will be a KH game for the new PSVita?

    Seeing as we've had some hold off games for the DS, the PSP, and soon for the 3DS game. I mean I'm only just putting this out there seeing as we've had 4 games lately for the KH series before KH3 has even been released. I'm just curious to what you guys might think if there would be a future KH...
  10. Xeon{Myroku}

    Does Xehanort have two Nobodies?

    It's a possible bet. I mean the Nobody we've been fighting in KH2 was actually Terra's that was influenced by Master Xeharnorts heart that changed Terra's body which made him to Terrahort (who went by Xeharnort when he was Ansems apprentince) and when Terranort lost his heart he became a...
  11. Xeon{Myroku}

    Cloaked figure in Blank Points?

    I thought this was a discussion about the Mysterious Firgure in BBS. The guy in the black cloak we then face off after we defeated Vanitas' Shadow.
  12. Xeon{Myroku}

    Dream Drop Distance's Dream Eaters - An Editorial

    Dream Eaters? Okay I can see that being apart of the title of the game. So....there are good ones and bad ones. Good ones are called Spirits who aid Sora and Riku to defeat the enemy ones known as Nightmares which create, nightmares. How come this is sounding like a Pokemon thing or Monster...
  13. Xeon{Myroku}

    Was Xemnas truly a Nobody?

    Not to mention she was a copy of Sora and as well was interfering with Sora's memories. So I suppose she as well had a link to Sora to be able to weild the Keyblade just like Roxas through her fake heart and from Sora's memories. But how she didn't look like Sora to begin with. Which means maybe...
  14. Xeon{Myroku}

    Shadows Beneath 2: The Superior Race

    Shadows Beneath 2: The Superior Race (a Pokemon based RP and sequel to Shadows Beneath) After the raging war between the rebels known as the Institute and the power hungry warriors known as Malum has ended, peace came back to our world of Pokemon. People have returned to their old lives...
  15. Xeon{Myroku}

    Shadows Beneath 2 (Pokemon Based RP)

    About a few years ago I was apart of a Pokemon RP called Shadows Beneath and right now I'm planning to create a sequel to it. Now I know I wasn't the one who made the RP but I did help run it while the creator was out and put in some of my own ideas to make it active and it was one of the first...
  16. Xeon{Myroku}

    Fairy Tail: Rise of the Dark Guilds (Created by Xeon{Myroku} assissted by Able_Beard)

    Fairy Tail : Rise of the Dark Guilds In the Kingdom of Fiore there lies a town in Mangolia where many people with unique magical skills come to train as wizards. Each wizard has their own unique magic power whether it consists of using elemental magic, magical tools, or and magical skill thats...
  17. Xeon{Myroku}

    RP in progress.

    So far I've been busy for a while and I know I've talked about posting up an RP. But by far the layout of it is coming along okay. I've chosen to make a Fairy Tail RP first. For those of you have never heard of Fairy Tail it's about wizards, and no I don't mean wizards like from Harry Potter...
  18. Xeon{Myroku}

    How old are the characters in Birth by Sleep?

    Ven is obviously 15 seeing as he is known as Roxas in KH2 and 358/2 Days. Aqua must be at least between the ages of 18-20 because she sounds so motherly to Ven Terra has to be 20 or 21 Isa and Lea are probably around Ven's age but from their appearance I think Lea is a year younger then Isa...
  19. Xeon{Myroku}

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    Re: Dream Drop Distance Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less shit than it is] I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to seeing the Colleseum again. I mean sure they were able to squeeze it in for BBS, 358/2 Days, and Coded. For BBS they base it ten years ago, 358/2 Days they were able to...
  20. Xeon{Myroku}

    More RP Ideas But Not Sure What to Go With.

    Okay as if anyone would recall I posted up an earlier RP idea that was based off the manga/anime series Fairy Tail.......Well.....I have two more ideas for an RP. Another will be a canon based RP which reflects off of the Prototype game where I take the story off futher but in San Fransisco...