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    What location did the Seekers of Darkness go to?

    Re: What location did the Seekers of Darkness flee to? I think your going too far into this. But you have a very valid point, I'm guessing that they went their separate ways to different worlds but are going to meet up later at some point. However I think it would be cool to see a new...
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    Hardest Battle for you in KH1?

    Oh. The Phantom. I forgot all about that guy. I hated him cause he was so tough (first time I played) second time I played I don't know what happened but I got him first time.
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    Buy a 3DS just for DDD?

    I got a 3DS for DDD, and my original DS was broken. I finished the game in a short time and it wasn't the best game. Is a 3DS worth having? For me yes as I can now play legend of zelda 3D and my normal DS games such as pokemon and twewy. Is it worth buying for just one game? I don't think it is...
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    Hardest Battle for you in KH1?

    Possessed riku was the hardest for me, it took me (no joke) like one and a half years to beat him. Sure six months of that was refusing to play again but then one summer I got myself to level 100. Then went to battle to him again and I finally won.
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    KH2 Final Mix Ending Problem

    see if its the disk or the ps2. i once got a faulty disc and couldnt even get past the opening scene. i ended up just buying a new one and selling the old.
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    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    get more exp go to the pride lands use the gull keyblade get low life go to the top of pride rock use the magnetic spell(cant remember what you called it) once you defeat all baddies, reapeat thats what i did to get more exp and sorry if this doesnt help
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    ten words

    if you can only say ten words what would they be and why? mine would be: random yes no cant think of any more
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    you never had many places to explore,
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    give the person above you a superhero name

    just give the person above you a superhero name, it can be anything and you can give them a description of what they can do too. have fun.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    didnt like the way it was all too easy
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    ive never really used spells, unless i really needed to
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    rikus nobody

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    rikus nobody

    me too XD
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    do u think kairi is a wielder

    hope not
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    rikus nobody

    but then where and what happend to riku to end up on the other side of the door? i mean if xenahorts heartless took over his body, once sora defeated him riku dosent that not mean riku was deafeated too? sorry if this dont make sense
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    rikus nobody

    if this has been done before im sorry. riku was killed in the first game and that means he should have a nobody because he was very strong willed. do any of you know why we never heard of rikus nobody?
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    Soras Dream

    you are soo right about all that.
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    Soras Dream

    the thing i dont understand in this is that it went back to Riku in Hollow Bastion so it actully didnt run away from Riku
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    favorite villain

    dunno why im asking you this... mines the joker, why because he does this YouTube - The Joker's Magic/Pencil Trick (High Quality) sorry, if this has already been done
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    Soras Dream

    It does matter that is the only reason why Riku didn't get the keyblade in the first place because he turned to darkness.