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    What boss do you want in kh2?

    I want the Shark to return from the 1st one and be a much harder boss and have a much bigger role (not in the whole story but just in the world he's in).
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    i would 1) pick it up as quickly as possible, so no one else gets it first 2) get some food and drinks 3) shut and lock the door 4) play,play,play!
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    Worlds you would like to be KH2

    Finding Nemo,Brother Bear, The incredibles(it might be a bit late tho),Atlantica, Lady and the tramp.
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    Toy Story world?

    I would like to see a toy story world that would be cool and besides disney owns the films as well as pixar, they have the name DISNEY/pixar after the copyright sign so they also belong to disney(and pixar.)
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    KH Movie Project

    Re: KH Movie Project (repost again because of forum errors) That will be excellent! i like that idea, but it mus be hard turning parts when u play into a movie,and i would see sora and the shark duking it out(I am a shark fanatic!)
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    Create an Enemy Boss 1.0

    1st Boss-Bruce (from finding nemo, and when he decides to eat fish) Exp:16,000 difficulty:hard Hp:900 attacks:bite,mega bite,tail slap description : a giant,blue shark 2nd Boss -Hybrid Exp:20,000...
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    Hey, im new!

    hi my name's mark, im 14 and just joined today and i am obsessed with Sharks and i like skateboarding,english football,basketball,snooker,video games,kingdom hearts(of course) and other fun stuff.