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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus coliseum + FF character in BBS FINALLY we might get the reason why Nomura put Sephiroth is the "dark part of Cloud's Heart" instead of just him being Sephiroth. My take on Zack being in BBS is only for him to die (again, to keep the obvious/continual catering to FF7...
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    If any two castles have relation to eachother, my safe bet would be: Bbs Radient Garden's Castle and Villian's Vale.
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    "Meteor Shower"

    I am not sure as to what you are trying to draw here... Namine just decided to make a story believeable enough to implant into Sora's memories. (and IMO, is a pretty cool story) And having a move called "Meteor Shower" isn't all that farfetched when it comes to Square games. (Various FFs...
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    Axel and Saix

    Fanservice alone will more than likely guarantee Ale and Saix's somebody (More then likely "Sai", in japanese can mean Rhino, makes sense for his berserk fighting style) Many fans would murder if they didn't get their Axel back with his "untimely" death.
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    Aqua and the tree

    I knew it. (Damn 25 character limit.....)
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    I thought Ven's keyblade didn't have a keychain.

    I'm pretty sure it has to do with him being one step closer to being a Keyblade Master, whatever BBS means by that. And Land of Departure sounds pretty epic, imo.
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    Olympus Coliseum...

    I'm not sure if another Coliseum will satisfy what this series has laid out for us the last 3 times... If they expand off of being in the ring and the underworld then maybe i might consider it, because there's only so many times you can fight 50 rounds before it just gets boring. I like how...
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    It's official... KH might make me go back to Church! o.o
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    SOMEBODY PLEASE PICK UP MY JAW FROM THE FLOOR! As much as i was waiting for Evan and Dilan i did NOT expect them so early!
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    Vanitas, the word itself

    Wow, i've got to say you really outdid yourself. The scriptures here really relate to somethings done in the KH universe... (Tetsuya a Christian...? Or Catholic?)
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    Why did all the worlds repear in KH2?

    In theory, this would be correct (as far as Hearts and Nobodies go) and this is kind of solid, but i still have my questions to ask you, lol. Okay, the whole thing of End of the World is the remains of the worlds consumed by the Heartless all clustered together, that and it was the main...
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    Chain of Memories

    I believe it's both actual and imaginary. Think of it like this: 1 <-> 2 <-> 3 <-> 4 ( Memory 2 depends on Memory 1 to exist and Memory 4 couldn't have happened before Memory 3) When you "piece" together the events in the rightful place, you have a "chain" of memories. For normal people...
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Uh-oh, Tetsuya went *Insert generic old/wise man that coud totally kick your ass here*. He looks so...traditional, and samurai-like. I'm sure someone said it before in this thread, he looks SO familiar to me! Maybe an actor? Or because i've seen so many Samurai movies the masters look the...
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    Namine look alike in bbs

    No The story has enough mix-ups and plotholes, we don't need any more of it. Period.