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    Stop The Presses!!!!!

    I'm not gonna get happy because i'll end up jinxing it....But thank whoever posted this originally (no matter who) very much.
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    What is your fave quote from KH?

    "Behold the Endless Abyass look as hard as you are able, you will not find even the smallest glimer of light, from these dark depths are all hearts born...even yours" -ansem "Many worlds but we all share the same sky, one sky, one destiny." -... "Giving up already Sora?..c'mon I though you were...
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    any suggesetions?

    ~Hey Everybody!~ Listen, I kinda need to save up to buy this really expensive DVD set I want but I don't have any money and my mom isn't gonna give 1 penny to me for it, so I need help tryin to figure out a way I can get some money $$$. But the hard part is i'm under 13. Not to many ways for a...
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    Guys I was just kidding about stakeing out all night....You didn't think I was serious did you? It would be kinda cool but I don't think i'd acutally do it.
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    *Full Scan, Better Quality!*

    Well I missed out too, and im slow why not just set up a direct link to the translations? I'm at the libray right now on the Comp. So I can't get to KHU. Please don't ask why its a long story....
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    I don't think i'd have to reserve as soon as the relaese date comes I will be staked out all night in a tent in frount of walmart threating anybody who comes near me Until they open. Nah, not really. But I still don't think i'll reserve a copy, down here they don't charge only 5$ they chage...
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    The king's role in KH2.....evil????

    Maybe mickey got tired of wearing those red shorts if I was trapped inside a darkness world I certainly would want to be wearing red shorts with white buttons and yellow shoes.Maybe he got the cloak to I don't know blend in better....hey it could happen! highly unlikley but it could happen...
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    please I need someones help!

    I really hate to whine about my biz but its become to much to bear, my mom doesn't understand, my bestfriend doesn't understand, i don't dare goto my other friend and espeacially nobody at skool so my fate will lie in your hands... I don't fit in anywhere. ANYWHERE!! and i'm not exaggerating...
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    What is with Sora's Necklace?

    So weird I was questioning the excat same thing today, Like dukiezmaster I thought it may have had something to do with king mickey but now im not so sure.
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    Cannon Heartless in Disney Castle

    I think that the heartless seen in the trailer is this heartless: http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=party/7.jpg It kinda looks like it...
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    Hey, what if you could change any rule....

    Hey, what if you could change any rule. What rule would you change? Wether it was at school or a law or anything. I wanna know what you guys think. I'd change the rule that says Our school should have to wear uniforms! I freakin hate uniforms!:mad:
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    Fanfiction ► First Fan-Fic whoa that was freaky...

    You guys can tell me what you think of it, if anyone has the paitents to read it lol. ;)
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    Fanfiction ► First Fan-Fic whoa that was freaky...

    I made a fan-fic of my role-play charachter. Its My first one so here it is... Whoa that was freaky.... Character: Loretta Race: African-American Gender: Female Species: Human Appearance: Long Black Hair that's usually tied up in a braided ponytail, Bright Brown eyes, wears a denim mini...
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    I think im gonna start...

    (If someone already thought of this idea sorry I didn't know) but I think Im gonna start to doing something nice 4 people for no reason so i've desided to wish everybody a happy b-day on this board as much as I can, not like spam but just you know reconizing peoples birthdays. So today I start...
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    1. Pick It Up. 2. Run Home 3. Grab a bunch of food and drinks 4. Say im sick (to stay home from school) 5. Thank the Lord 6. And play it till my eye balls pop out of my head....
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    Kingdom Hearts have sequels like Final Fantasy?

    Re: another kh!!!!!!!!!! I think they'd run out of disney characters and movies if went as long as the FF series.
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    Hello Peoples online and not!

    Hello! Im new to the forums...yep...How is everyone? I hope good! My day has been like all the others but a little better, than usual. I get to buy a strawberry ice cream sundae so I guess im doin pretty good! I accidently did something yesterday, I feel all dumb now...Oh well that won't ever...
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    Finally the offical date 4 the KH2 release!

    If you check out the relase date page on here (kingdomhearts2.net) It says at the bottom KH2 relase in US September 2005!!!!
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    Finally the offical date 4 the KH2 release!

    Yes! Im glad it's gonna make it before chirstmas! But whats kinda wierd about the release date is that its 1 day after my Best Friends B-day, but she doesn't like KH or any video games for that matter!:confused:
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    Finally the offical date 4 the KH2 release!

    Finally the offical date 4 the KH2 release! Stores both online and off have the date release of Kingdom Hearts 2 (for the US) set at Sept, 14 - 15, 05! It took long enough! You can pre-order it at a couple stores online now but im gonna wait till it comes out in the stores or either wait till...