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    Yeah .. I've read this in wikipedia . It seems really interesting , but I don't get how it would've worked .
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    7 Days of Roxas Novel 1 Questions here + Xemnas Demyx Novel Scan

    Yep , I hope for that too . I had almost NO idea about these novels , making me wanna read about them sooo much .
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    What was your favorite Kh2 scene?

    omg there's so many scenes to choose from ! ` T.T . i really loved almost all of them . but i guess the few ones that come from the top of my head .. 1. the ending ` =o . the ending had amazing graphics . 2. the beginning . omg when i looked at the jap when it first came out , i was like...
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    left out form and keyblade?

    it's just some concept art ; something that was created to develop the final product . no biggie . ` =)
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    kinda odd

    yeah =\ . she WAS stalling the heartless for Sora so then she would get a chance to take the castle .. but then . after Sora defeated XIII ; what happened ? Sora & Riku are back in DI , so .. whatever happened to Malificent ? did she take over the castle yet ? o.o ' still doubt that TWTNW...
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    It's completely random . The more you use valor/wisdom/master , your chances go up . But it doesn't mean you WILL turn into antiform . You could just be really lucky and have your chances turn into antiform . That , or you've been using final form , which puts your antiform 'points' down by...
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    SB Street Rave in Twilight Town

    er . SB Street Rave is quite easy when you know what to do =) well you get 5 tries , right ? so that means you only need 200 points each time . now go up a HIIIIGH place . as high as you can without jumping ('cause a jump counts as a turn) . and then grind or jump , and do as many tricks...
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    tips for the cart pushing...

    i didn't do much to get under 15 secs . all i did was unequip everything .. and equip negative combo . then jump and attack . when it moves , quickly jump to it and hit it again . and keep doing this . if it jumps into the air , quickly hit it while its in the air . then it goes far ...
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    To get secret ending

    I completed the game 'cause i got tired of trying to complete jiminy's journal . for some reason i can't get two treasure chests =\ it's like one of the treasure chests in the 100 acre woods (in the cave) has disappeared . iun where it went .. so i got sick of it and just continued . i'm...
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    kinda odd

    haha . well that's what happens in games .. and when they reveal the final area before they're really supposed to >.>" oh well ; what can ya do ? and is maleficent & pete really dead ? =\ i was always confused that we never battle maleficent again .. 'cause she's like saying how she's...
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    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    I'm one of the huge bunch who like : " Sora . You're lucky . Looks like my summer vacation .. is over . " I was like craaaap . That's so sad .. Axel was total jokes too . Kinda got annoying how he kept saying ' got it memorized ? ' over and over . But he's still cool . I liked it when he...
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    Last Page for Merlins book...

    The last torn pages should be in the Ruined Chamber . If you go to the Sandswept Ruins (from the Palace Walls), there's that huge tower, in which you enter to be in the Ruined Chamber. They should be right there when you enter .
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    American Secret Ending

    I guess it's possible . But I believe that somebody's already posted that Nomura stated the 3 people aren't Sora, Riku, or Kairi . I've also read somewhere that one of the keyblades in the middle was Kairi's, because of events in the ending of the game . I haven't paid any attention to these...
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    BHKs name revealed...(???)

    this name is kinda unoriginal .. siru ? i just can't imagine BHK having that sort of name . just kinda doesn't fit him , you know ? but whatever , if that really is his name , then it's just going to take some getting used to . we got used to the names in KH , ain't bad doing it a second time .