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    Sora's Official Height?

    yea hes shorter than cloud by alot and cloud is like 5'8, besides sora being 5'4-5'7 would make riku like 6'3
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    What i know (SPOILERS)

    1.the secret video occurs in the past. evidence-in a cutscene from final mix+ xemnas is seen in the room of awakening. in this room is the female knights armour and keyblade. trust me, its her keyblade i check that out numerous times. how could her keyblade and armour be there if the video...
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    Tidus and Wakka Nowhere in sight O.o?

    probably had to do with liscensing or something like that, too bad they werent in the game though
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    Huge Discovery!!

    you guys are crazy, thats definately yoda.
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    Clerks 2

    its been a long time coming, this one i in color though, its gets away from the original feel of clerks
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    it was way to easy, 1 and 1
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    I've Discovered A Connection Between Ff Vs. 13 And Kh2's Secret Video!

    its final fantasy, this is what defines it, of course some weapons will look the same
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    Fireworks Hahahahah

    in the spirit of fourth of july and the pursuit of burning the local golf course to the ground, i come to you with this thread about which you say your favorite firework. if you dont have one then, thats cool too, but youve missed a large portion of you life. my personal favorite is roman...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Novel - The Destruction of Hollow Bastion

    is it a graphic novel, or a novel
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    Glitches In KDH2?

    that stinks man, if its a bad scratch get a diskdoc
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    Evil Light

    since it was stated that darkness can be used for good or evil, isnt it true that light could aslo be used for evil.
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    Riku's arm

    its there because it looks cool, its just a sweatband
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    fenrir sucks, ultima sucks, they both are the ugliest keyblades ive ever seen. the only redeeming fact for either one is that they both are really strong
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    That wasn't Ansem?...THAT FREAKIN SUCKS

    its not that confusing, yea u killed his heartless, not a complicated deal
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    Nobodies Control

    sorcerors, there hard. besides, theyre tight.
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    they were just longing for hearts. because of this they would sacrifice the hearts of others to get their own. i suppose this puts them at odds with sora and crew but anyone would do the same in thier shoes
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    wow that was hilarious and mildly disturbing
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    Riku's arm

    hahahaha, wow, lmao naw its def a sweatband type thing
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    well, that a way on straitin' things out
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    Wikipedia Claims...

    i think if ansem were kairis grand father he wouldve showed some emotion when he saw her