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    KH:BBS Limited Edition PSP?

    i would like them to make a psp bundle for BbS. if it does happen, the only thing fitting for it would be mickey on the back
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    coded on PSP!!

    i hope that it comes out on the psp, but i doubt it will
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    Help/Support ► Breaking up is a hard thing to do

    i've been in a situation alittle bit like this, i wasn't trying to get with the friend i wanted to break the friendship with though. him and i have been friends since we were in diapers, but with some of the people he had been hanging out with he has become a bit of a d***. so i just started...
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    Help/Support ► Two girls

    first you have to work on the one that doesn't like you. when she likes you, then you get with both
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    More BBS Footage from DKΣ3713

    oh, i didn't know that everyone already knew that
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    More BBS Footage from DKΣ3713

    did anybody else notice that at 1:26-1:31 it says birth by sleep then 2009 underneath it
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    what if unbirths were

    your theory needs alot of work. unbirths can't be connected to heartless because heartless weren't created before BbS. DS could be an unbirth, but i think that unbirths weren't created/discovered until after DS was MX's apprentice and i think there both humans
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    Re: Will BBS be a good or bad game? it will be worth playing at least once, but i doubt it will be awsome
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    Axel's true name?

    he said that axel was based off of reno from FF7 and they named him axel because renos favorite drink is ale. although i still think he should have been a she as a somebody and be lea or ela
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    XION playable

    i think she will be playable in multi-player mode, but it really doesn't matter since roxas has the same weapon and is definantly playable
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    who is strongest out of VAT

    terra looks to be the strongest of the three. if not him, then probably aqua
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    Help/Support ► I Need Your Advice/Input

    sex is nothing special, it's just basically a sport. the sooner you come to grasp that, the easier your life will be. i can understand you hating the guy, my parents split up when i was younger for a few months, they both moved on to other people for a few weeks and my mom moved in with the guy...
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    Help/Support ► Why is it never me?

    well then you might want to take the second peice of advise i gave you since you mentioned karma so that must be affecting you.
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    Help/Support ► Why is it never me?

    well, you give up easily as i can obviously see in the post, so for starters learn persistancy. then you might want to work on karma if you think that is affecting you, if you expect bad luck then you'll get it. anything else you want advise on
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    Help/Support ► Stalker Problem Please Help

    i'm going to offer my advise. some stalkers only stalk because they realize that they can't really have what they admire from afar. so just let her think that your caving in and that she's winning, and then she might just try for someone else when she realizes that she could have you. if that...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    when goofy didn't die even though he did. also the fact that sephiroth could have been beaten on the hardest difficalty at only level 60ish.
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    losing my daughters mother just doesn't matter to me. i have to get to court though soon to get the visitation rights thing settled, that way even if she does leave the state, then she can't keep the baby away from me
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    me and her can't talk to eachother, we usually yell at eachother when we try that
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    today i found out what i have to do, move on with my life. she jokes to much, i'm to jelous with some anger issues, we just can't get along. today though, she threw salt on the wound that is my life by telling me that she might be moving to a different state. so now i need to get visitation...
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    my daughter is 8 months old, it is to late. if your talking about the other kid that she might be pregnant with, i don't think that she is since she had her period