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  1. huanglulu

    Returning back :D

    It been awhile since i been here in this forum but i decided to come back o/ Nice meeting everyone again
  2. huanglulu

    ♣ The TAV Trio Fanclub Version 2♣

    ♣ The TAV Fanclub ♣ Welcome to the Fanclub for the trio of BBS protagonists Terra.Aqua.Ventus ♣Old TAV Fanclub [Link]♣ ♣Founder♣ huanglulu ♣Original Founder♣ Zeagal ♣Reasons♣ ♣ They think and care about each other though far apart ♣ They work hard together towards a same dream ♣ They...
  3. huanglulu

    Days Manga Chapter 6

    Here is translation and scan of chapter 6 of Days Manga by HeartStationOrg 358/2 Days Manga Chapter 6 – Translated | HEARTSTATION.ORG Credit goes to HeartStationOrg for the scan and translation
  4. huanglulu

    Hello new here

    Hi, I have just join this forum and is new here. Hope we can get along ^^.