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    axels original name

    i think axel might be his real name, just a thought cus its the only name that ive ever heard in the english language compared to all the others
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    advent children

    i realize this is a kh site but i just wanted to know wut everybody thought of FFVII advent children. I know its off topic but i was just curious i just wanted to know from a kingdom hearts fan perspective for those who have seen it, dont want to make a big deal
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    Organization Mixtape

    For all u organization lovers out there, heres a pretty cool mix of Organization XIII. Sum of you may have already seen this but for those who havent check it out. The song is a little odd but it goes good with the video, and the timing is perfect. Heres the link...
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    KH3 on PS3

    Simple Question, will KH3 be on the PS3, and how long? Hopefully not another 3 1/2 years :mad:
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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    Quit bein a little punk, Sanctuary Keeper. If your just going to keep whinning just because people know things you dont, thne you shouldnt have even posted this thread ya big pouting baby.
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    Wut is it with Zexion!?

    I realize that this guy is shrouded in mystery and nobody knows wut kind of weapon he uses, but is he just a topic of converstion now or wut? To me he is probably one of the wekest members in the entire Organization, he never even fought and he was diposed of rather quickly at the hands of Riku...
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    Zexion's true name.

    i think axel is his real name, its the closest thing to a real name So...
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    Kingdom Hearts DVD?

    This probly sounds ludicris, but wut if the next installment of Kingdom Hearts was a Direct to DVD movie? I think it would be a great idea if they released a DVD, similar to Advent Children, that would bring closure to Sora's story. I get the feeling that Tetsuya Nomura is sort of burnt out when...
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    I have realized, maybe cus i didnt play KH: CoM. Im looking pretty stupid right now for putting him at 11, huh? I realize theres alot of mystery around him but my rankings have to do with the cold hard facts, not just speculation, thats why he is 11 and not 1.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** This is pretty ludicris but wut about a direct to dvd movie that brings closure to sora's story. And then Nomura can create his prequel or sequel or whatever that has to do about the secret ending. Hmm? I get the feeling that Nomura is kind...
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    I have created a list of what i beleive are the most powerful members by ranking them 1 through 13. Note that this isnt the order in which they joined but which are the strongest members in terms of combat and overall power. 13 being the weakest and 1 being the strongest. Post your own rankings...
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    Im Confused....

    In Tetsuya Nomuras interview with KH ultimania he stated that the members heartless just became normal heartless, and that only Xehanorts heart had enough darkness for his heartless form to maintain the look of a person.