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  1. Imaginary

    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    What to do.. what to do. From everything you shared, its seems like your mom is the child and you're the adult (taking care of your family, taking care of pets, etc. etc.) If your mom wanted the dog, she should be taking care of it not you. Puppies are a BIG responsibility, they require care...
  2. Imaginary

    Help/Support ► Need to get taller. :o

    Height is determined by genetics. If both of your parents are tall, the you'll be tall. If both of your parents are short, you'll be short. Then you get a 50/50 shot if you got one of both sizes. Nothing you can do about your genetics, unfortunately. or you can just listen to these wacky...
  3. Imaginary

    Something I been working on all day:

    Had some down time from my RP so I started doodling what happened. Just though I should share since I wasted a whole day of my life sketching and coloring it: Enjoy <3 SKETCH FINAL PRODUCT: