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  1. K

    favorite drive form

    Mines is definetly Final form! love the way Sora doesn't move the keyblades himself with his hands and the way he floats lol ^^
  2. K

    Some English BBS Screens

    Awesomeeeeeeee pictures!!! Can't wait to see those actual scenes in the game :)
  3. K

    Birth by Sleep Pre-Orders at Gamestop

    Lol, I did not even know you can preorder! I recently saw the game in the gamestop site, and I screamed! lol I think I will go this friday to gamestop to preorder mines :)
  4. K


    I think you may actually have a point there >.> Guess we shall see when they show E3 :)
  5. K


    I think they will in some way mention BBS in E3, can't wait to see it in G4 :)
  6. K

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Umm... Hasn't this been confirm already in another thread? o.o Anyways... Hope it does come out on June ^^
  7. K

    Coded: Coming to the West?

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Im excited! I hope they release Coded to the US!! I would so get it :)
  8. K

    So now what do you think of BBS coming to USA?

    Im quite happy, but at the same time... We would have to wait longer >.> Oh well, worth the wait ^^
  9. K

    anyone else think that

    I think he will make a return, I mean, how will Ventus be able to wake up without having his other self(darkside to say)? I don't remember where, but I read somewhere that you can't "function" or "be alive" so to say, without having a balance of both light and darkness withing you, which would...
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date That is just sad... I don't understand why we have to wait so long, it does not make any sense... This sounds fishy... >.>
  11. K

    Favorite World so Far (Spoilers)

    My favorite place has always been Destiny Islands even though you don't get to spend much time there and explore more of it... Too bad it wasn't a choice up there, but other than Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden is my second favorite. ^^
  12. K

    what did xenmas wanted...

    I believe thats the room Xigbar mentioned when talking to Zexion.
  13. K

    what did xenmas wanted...

    This is just my opinion but... 1. The armor of Aqua and her keyblade. 2. From the cutscenes I seen... I say he is trying to somehow manage a way to talk to Aqua..(did not played BBS to know what happen to her or where exactly she is) 3. I don't think so... Like I said before, I think he was...
  14. K

    NA release date?

    Too late... *cries* It didn't gave much though, I just got a bit confused lol, now I really can't wait for the game to come out to see what is going on. >.< Hopefully the game does release around May.
  15. K

    KH BbS mentioned in Gamespot

    Lol... Zehanort >.< that was just... Lol. >.>
  16. K

    Gamestop KH DS Kit

    OMGGGGGGGGG I just saw this yesterday when I went to see if they had a release date in Gamestop for BBS and I saw that! Looks nice, im getting it : ) Finally, Gamestop releases accessories of KH >.>
  17. K

    NA release date?

    Lol yeahh, it was funny >.>
  18. K

    NA release date?

    ^ LOLLL >.< Anyways, I say most likely we will get a release by the end of this month or earlier on to the next...(hopefully >.>)
  19. K

    NA release date?

    ^ I just read about that in the gameinformer site... I hope it comes out earlier, I don't think I can wait any longer after May 15 ):