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  1. kingscr34m11

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Poster at Gamestop for 6,500 Points

    I got one this morning. I'm getting this thing framed haha :D
  2. kingscr34m11

    Final Mix Critical/Level 1/First Time Tips

    So I have a bit of OCD when it come to being prepared and figured that my curiosity might also benefit the others that would be taking their first stabs at critical mode and final mix in general. For those of you that can what tips would you give? Choose the sword, staff, or shield? Which are...
  3. kingscr34m11

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Playthrough Journal

    I finally started playing Re:COM this week. I'd been busy with midterms so I'm only at the landing for floor 3, did Halloween Town as floor 2, I'll probably end up doing Monstro for floor 3 just to get it out of the way now. I'm only level 12 at the moment with my level ups going for one...
  4. kingscr34m11

    Favorite Character Story and Favorite Character Battle-Style

    I played all three stories at the same time, changing characters after each world. It definitely made it feel like each was dependent on the others but I guess if I had to pick my number one would be Terra's. It alone had major implications, not just for the other two stories but the whole...
  5. kingscr34m11

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (Final Mix) Item Quantites/ Synthesis Guide

    I know that the list was at the top. I meant direction as how to exactly find these four. I have searched all over each map with no success at finding any of the four i listed. Not to sound rude but did you even read my entire post? Lol maybe I could have been more precise but come one, I listed...
  6. kingscr34m11

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (Final Mix) Item Quantites/ Synthesis Guide

    Can anyone provide better details on how to get the dark matters in game? I'm missing two but I can't remember where. They're either at the Bouncing Spot, Waterway, Mainstreet, and Graveyard. I've scoured Mainstreet so I'm fairly certain I got that one but I'd like to make sure. I wouldn't...
  7. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    So i spent the better part of my day writing lists and seeing just how much of each synthesis material I would need to make one of everything. Is it true that you only need to synthesize three Dark Matters and you don't NEED to synthesize any Mythril's? The synthesis thread made it seem like you...
  8. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    Take it from somebody who literally just beat him for the first time this fight is not supposed to be easy. Preparation: I stocked Peter Pan with hi potions, goofy with ethers and mp gift, and myself with elixirs and two mega potions. Do anything you can to boost your mp. Even if it means...
  9. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    I've read some of this before when I was just doing some reading on the synthesis. In my simple messing around on certain worlds I've encountered, and by encountered I mean they're registered in my journal, all but Grand Ghost, Jet Balloon, Pink Agaricus, and Neoshadow (only because other than...
  10. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    Should I know what I'm getting myself into for the synthesis? I never really bothered on the PS2 but I know this time around is a bit more time consuming. Should I just sit at each world and farm like ten or so of each special drop? My winter break just started so I have nothing but free time...
  11. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    Finally beat the phantom. Did some grinding and got all the trinities, I'm level 79 now. I just beat the hades cup solo without dying, I did have to stop after I beat Cloud and Leon so take that however you will. My next question is should I try the timed trial or start synthesis first? I'm...
  12. kingscr34m11

    Anyone else mad about Re: Coded?

    Mad? Not particularly. Disappointed? Very. I would have much preferred them putting DDD and Re:Coded into one movie. While the story for coded is quite good looking at it from someone who has never played/read the story/watched it 2-2.5 hours for only a bit of information leading into KH3...
  13. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    I grinded up to 60 and then beat the hades cup. It wasn't in one go though I lost once to Cerberus and once to hades. I think I'm level 64 now. Should I grind on Rock Titan now? and at what point should I try and tackle the optional bosses and the cup solo?
  14. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    That's what I finally decided on. Should I finish the Hades cup and then move onto Kurt and the Phantom? Also I've never beaten the Phantom, I beat Kurt once waaaaaayyy long ago, so any tips on him? I've probably read every strategy out there for him a dozen or so times so anything besides those.
  15. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    I got to 52 and finally beat him. Finished up hollow bastion and decided to find all the Dalmatians and made it to the end of the world. I'm playing on proud, kept staff ditched shield, picked dawn. What level should I be at for the final bosses? I was planning on grinding up to 60 and if it was...
  16. kingscr34m11

    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    Where is the best place to grind pre-Riku/Ansem fight? I've been fighting Leon and Yuffie with two tech pluses and one exp item so i get a minimum of 840exp in a little over one minute. I'm level 50 and I would have to face them 18 more times to get to 51. Just curious if there is anything...
  17. kingscr34m11

    I kinda goofed...

    So long story short I'm stuck at the Riku-Ansem fight on proud, level 48, and I can't get counterattack til level 57. In my case where would be the best place to grind up to that level? I would prefer anywhere but the coliseum but if that is my only option so be it. Thanks in advance