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    Ven is not Ven!

    He could have just been humble. A notable characteristic for a hero of the light to have, I would say.
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    Ven is not Ven!

    This is fucking hilarious.
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    Wait a minute....

    This seems unlikely as Triton knows or remembers the keyblade when Sora arrives in Atlantica. This really just reveals Peter's character and personality. It reflects his "I don't care beyond what affects me" motto, and his habit as a young boy stuck in childhood to be selfish and...
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    BbS Cover at TGS?

    This assumption is based on what?
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    Neverland Design

    Tink always strikes me as the kind of strong feminine character that would notice such similarities and begin to make connections, but would keep them to herself. She wouldn't just blurt them out like Sora is warrant to do when he discovers something. Tink isn't an idiot. She may or may not have...
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    Well, I guess I am going against the pack here, but I have to say that my favorite form is Master.
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    Aqua possibly evil?

    Terra also referred to Ven as his "friend" when he was taking to Master Xehanort. I'm just telling you. Perhaps Aqua's "caring" for the two of them has extended even as Terra has turned evil and perhaps harmed Ven? Perhaps she has forgiven him and they are both now trying to do what is best for...
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    TGS expectations

    Donald and Goofy only have cameos and we have already seen them. Where is this information from? I always just assumed it was because of his rank as Xigbar usually seems to know information the other Organization members don't. Such as his discussion with Zexion over the Room of Awakening and...
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    Demyxs name

    EPIC FAIL. It was right above you too.
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    How are organization 13 evil? o.O

    If you recall the conversation that King Mickey, Sora, and Riku had with Xemnas before he attempts to use Kingdom Hearts for power, you can remember the reason Riku gives for why they don't like the nobodies and shun them. He says, "It's cause you mess up our worlds." Which Sora, Mickey, and...
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    Aqua and the glass slipper

    Ever wonder why the Keyblade Master is not allow to meddle in the affairs of other worlds? Although Sora does all the time.... Puzzles me too why King Triton knows so much about the keyblade and how much "trouble" it and it's wielder cause. But that is a whole 'nother topic.
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    A Heartless/Nobody Question

    I'm not so sure about the whole "the more darkness the bigger the heartless" thing, but we can go with that for now. I may be wrong, but I don't remember anywhere in any of the games this being mentioned. If I am incorrect though, please correct my mistake. (:tongue:) Now about the Organization...