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    EB games bbs ad

    yea this is in Australia we get it a day earlier then Europe for some reason, this bundle cost $88 AUD
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    EB games bbs ad

    not that much but i found this picture while at my local eb games store
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? i haven't pre-ordered yet since they might charge extra for the collectors edition like the on in germany
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    Is Birth By Sleep a challenge?

    the game is really easy on proud mode. because if you defeat the first boss on all the characters you can go back to that world and buy all the lvl 1 magics fire,blizzard etc then just stay in that world until you can get third lvl magic spells which doesn't take that long at all. the game is...
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    sora fight?

    he might just fire spam you and then spam reflect.
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    sora fight?

    it would be the best fight ever we will get smashed with his beserk and horizontal slash ability's that would be great.
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    sora fight?

    At the end of Terras story will your be able to fight sora like we got to fight terra in kh2:fm. it would be pretty cool if they went through time and fought sora. like he could be the secret boss at the end when your complete every world or complete the puzzle board.
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    wheres Ansem the wise

    because it could be spoilers
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    wheres Ansem the wise

    Ansem the wise was meant to be one of the important people who will set up the future for the series. but there has not been one scan or he has not been in any film clips except for voice overs so is square just waiting for it to be released. it makes no sense why we haven't seen him yet.
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    Biggest Booth at JumpFesta10

    is anyone actually going to this
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    what does CGI stand for

    ok thanks now i understand why the images look so good
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    what does CGI stand for

    everyone is saying wow the CGI is looking good in the birth by sleep commercial and i just want to no what does CGI actually mean.
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    Why did Roxas go through The Awakening in KH2?

    its about roxas realizing his past memories. sora went through it which was setting his fate and roxas went through it rembering his memories.
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    when will u watch the opening

    when the japanese game comes out they are all going to post walkthroughs and the opening and ending. i was wandering are u going to watch the japanese opening or try to force your self not to watch until you get the english version so you don't spoil yourself.
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? it kinda looks like the final fantasy dissida box cover with less characters.
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    Kh2 Secret ending

    i was just making a joke lol
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    Kh2 Secret ending

    he could be getting off it and aqua and ven parked theres around the corner
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    Kh2 Secret ending

    in the secret ending of kh2 you see terra standing on a metalic platform. could these be there keyblade vehicles which they use to travel the worlds. because as they walk to the three keys they disapear.
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    Birth by Sleep(collector's edition)?

    i want a keyblade with my game
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    Ventus Keyblade resembles soras kingdom key

    look at these two keyblades the one on the left is vens the right is kingdom key and they look similar. the handle looks the same and they are the same length. is this the first kingdom key