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    What's Up!

    Wow, this forum has come a looooong way.. lol.
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    NOTICE: Change of ownership

    I already let TM know about this a few days ago and since it's just been confirmed, I thought I would let the entire forums know now. First off, the way things are now, in regards to all the moderator and admin positions, they will not change, according to what the new owner has told me...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Event in Newyork Toystore Fair 2006

    lol @ how they labeled Axel as Roxas and Roxas as Axel.. tsk tsk..
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    Re: Xaldin's Kinddom Hearts II FAQ Wow, very nice FAQ, it'd be also nice to create a storyline FAQ section for those who don't understand.
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    hey look hollow bastion does have traverse town

    Hollow Bastion = the Traverse Town of the original Kingdom Hearts, not literally but you'll be there a lot.
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    New Chat + 2 New Skins

    Hey there, It's been a busy weekend as we've added 2 new forum skins called "Rogue" and "Ambience" here to the forum. Thanks goes to "A World Away" who did a marvelous job with the header on the Ambience skin. Also, we've added a new flexible chat room called "FlashChat" which is solely ran...
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    [NEWS] SE party Book! Important stuff!

    Re: SE party Book! Important stuff! That's not the real box art guys, it was fan made!
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    KingdomHearts2.net Changes It's Name

    KingdomHearts2.net will now be accessed through KHInsider.com as we have officially changed our website name. We will still offer these forums, and our news, information and media that you can depend on through our website for everything related to Kingdom Hearts. Please bear with us for a...
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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Anyone in here read this book before? I highly reccomend it to everyone. Post your opinions on what you thought of it in here!
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    New site update.

    Check out www.kingdomhearts2.net We have some of the screenshots up, as well as a few translations..
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    A Little Down Time..

    Hey guys, Please be prepared for some downtime towards the end of the month for the main website and the forums; possibly within the last 2-3 days of this month because of our bandwidth problems. This month has been hectic with a lot of new downloads present, that we had to temporarily stop...
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    New Default Skin

    We have added a new default skin called "Cobalt".. if you're still using tren_Z, check out the new skin.. it's more on the "bright" side, unlike tren_Z, but if you like tren_Z, we'll definitely still have that skin for those who like it. Please post your comments on the new skin and if you...