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  1. VenVen

    KH 1 Best Path for Proud Mode

    To be honest, there is no best path. It all depends on your skill with the game. But to beginners or players who don't like to grind/had a difficult time with standard I recommand choosing shield and sacrifice sword or staff. Look up an abilitie guide to see which weapon unlocks which abilitie...
  2. VenVen

    Countering Lingering Will's Most Brutal Attack

    You'll have to attack him with magic. I believe you can use limits to, so I recommend using limit form
  3. VenVen

    Getting a petition started to have 358/2 days & Re:coded developed as HD games

    I really don't mind. Beter to keep these games away from my playstation ;)
  4. VenVen

    Young Xehanort Strategies

    I defeated him with terra and there is only one advice I can give you.... pray. With aqua and ven he isn't that hard, but Terra's dodge makes him almost impossible. You should equip heal block and thunder surge, alot of thunder surges. Further it's al up to lady luck
  5. VenVen

    Finally Completed all Trophies

    I have all the trophies for 2.5! Sadly I'm on 95% KHFM (stupid gummi ship missions) and I can't even complete the story of ReCoM so I gave up on my dream :(
  6. VenVen

    When to play Birth by Sleep

    I would play days after KH2, if you play days before 2 I think it spoils some of the fun and wow moments
  7. VenVen

    Is Aqua the "primary" protagonist in Birth by Sleep?

    I always thought Ventus was the primary protagonist. But it seems I was wrong....
  8. VenVen

    When to play Birth by Sleep

    If your planning to play KH2 before bbs, you should play Re:CoM before that. And I recommand playing 358/2 days after KH2 before you play bbs. When you have played all of these games the story of bbs should be understandable. You could skip 358/2 days but if your playing all pf the KH games you...
  9. VenVen

    Re: Birth by Sleep - Set Nine or Ten Years before Kingdom Hearts I??

    Re: Birth by Sleep - Set Nine or Ten Years before Kingdom Hearts I?? It's set 10 years before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1
  10. VenVen

    any advise on MF (Terra)

    Yeahh, thats my biggest problem. Sometimes he breaks through my once more and second change. MF is the most anoying boss fight in the series. I hope they add beter bosses in KH3. This fight is based on luck :mad:
  11. VenVen

    any advise on MF (Terra)

    I've defeated MF with ven and aqua so far, but he seems to be impossible with Terra. I have every command and ability avaible. Of course I'm using thunder surge! Could you give me any other advise?