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  1. nosledX


    I don't know if you have or not defeated him already. Is this the first battle or the second at Twlight Town? In both cases, the only difference is that in the second match he has another sleight, but the strategy I used was the same (which really improved my performance in the second battle)...
  2. nosledX

    Necessary to play or can i skip and watch Youtube Movie of CoM?

    The card system annoys everyone. I mean, it's a really tough game at first sight - you just wish to play around with your keyblade and attack pressing the buttons without so much strategy that seems to lead you nowhere. But it gets better when you learn how to build your deck and the...
  3. nosledX

    Deep Jungle - Bug?

    I read about online in topics where people were with a similar problem :confused: I had no idea about what were they talking about too, like... Tarzan just keep standing there and being useless??
  4. nosledX

    Deep Jungle - Bug?

    Thanks so much! I'll try to follow your step by step and keep update if everything goes ok :smile:
  5. nosledX

    Deep Jungle - Bug?

    Hey there, what's up? So I bought a PS4 recently and got 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX from xmas. I started from KH 1 Final Mix and everything went fine until I reached Deep Jungle. Tarza simply won't guide me as I saw in some walkthrough, I just fell into the forest in a zone with vines and stuff that never...