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  1. lina512

    Lit ► A fanfiction fixation

    Hello everyone, I'm an old user, I haven't been here in years, and most of my threads, and posts I can't find, so I'm not sure if what I'm looking for is even here anymore, or if it even was to begin with, but no harm in asking. There is a fan fiction, that I read some time ago, that was kh...
  2. lina512

    "XION" and Ze"XION"

    Just for laughs tell me which of these you think could be her actual name. Xion-x Ion Ino Noi Nio Oin Oni
  3. lina512

    Fanfiction ► The Kings Ace

    Can I continue it Yes will I most likely can I read your fic most definitely, but not today I've got school tomorrow but only till thursday then I'm out for summer so I'll read it soon.
  4. lina512

    Fanfiction ► The Kings Ace

    Foreword: this story is still in development and I am putting it here to be viewed and to be critiqued by you the readers because I want to know whether or not I should continue this story or scrap it and move on. "Is it better to be a King, or a commoner?" that is the question most commonly...
  5. lina512

    I'm back.

    My name is Lina (Pronounced Lee-na) I have returned from a long and arduous couple years away from the forums mostly because I attained a stalker during my stay here, but now I'm back and ready to rp and show my stories once again.
  6. lina512

    Fanfiction ► The Return of Axel

    I absolutely adore this Fan Fic. please update soon. Got it memorized?
  7. lina512

    Welcome to the Shen institute

    okay lets assume that somewhere there is this private school that teaches/ trains people in odd profession such as alshemy witchcraft and whatnot. imagin finding yourself wisked away to this place meeting new freinds and going into a field you prefer. Rules:No G-modding, powerplaying, or pg-13...
  8. lina512

    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    its a part of the level 'the world that never was' its the last world so later And mines final cause it does mad damageto enemies.
  9. lina512

    The Three Keys:Restart

    ok nothing im doings working so im going back to my one and only sucessful rp but i have to say if any of my old comrades in that venture wanna come back itll be better this time and less hectic and maybe we can actually keep all the pages anywho..... if u were in the original venture i would...
  10. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    "Wow just caught up and great chapters"----Lina "Yeah yeah, now where did you put our swords?"------Joseph "Not in the salvation army box thats for sure...."----Lina "You evil person!"------Joseph & Phantom
  11. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Lina: yay! updateness! wait To many exclamations! oh well! Joseph: %%%%()(!NDAIFNA Phantom: not agian you turned off his words ficx him! Lina: ya sure sure! Joseph: AJDFOA And thats why I liked that chapter.
  12. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    "hmm i just say update thats all."
  13. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Lina:"Wow your boo and sora's necklace is realy yours. sora isnt sora's real name what else could possibly happen update!"
  14. lina512

    Fanfiction ► Finding Lina

    Chapter 2 Welcome to Exopia LINA!” I screamed as I awoke with the remnants of my dream lingering. “That dream it felt so real, who was that girl, that guy in the cloak, that beach….” He said as he sat up and instantly got a sharp pain in his abdomen. “OW...
  15. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Lina: "Realy weird but thats not the point..." Joseph: "then what is the point?" Lina: "I was gonna tell you the point is....ummmm i forget so update."
  16. lina512

    Fanfiction ► Finding Lina

    thankyou i will i just got my micorsoft word progam debugged so the next one wil be better.
  17. lina512

    Fanfiction ► Finding Lina

    ok this wil be my second attempt at a fiction story enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHAPTER 1 The Dream "Joseph.....Joseph.....Joseph help me." a soft voice rings out through the the waves of...
  18. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Lina: "Oh noez i sense an ending nearby!" Joseph: "Oh well when it ends we may just have to deal." Phantom: "yeah but poor lina she loves this story." Will: "Are you guys forgetting something if this ends we disapear!" Joseph and Phantom: @_@ NOEZ!!!
  19. lina512

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Lina: oh so sweet i cant wait to see what happens next. Phantom: joseph there's something I wanna tell you. Joseph: What? Phantom: I love you *hugs joseph* Willl: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ~~~~~~~ Lina: yeah that was a good story , but i must have more!