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  1. LeeLu

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    I understand the effect they're going for, but am I the only one getting character-design-whiplash from the sudden cuts of anime-ish Sora and Riku, to cartoony Three Muskateers, to live-action Tron?
  2. LeeLu

    Does this game matter?

    I still find it incredibly amusing.
  3. LeeLu

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    Personally, I don't think it lived up to the hype. Fans were hungry for more of the Org and well, we just didn't get what we wanted. Days was supposed to be the Crisis Core of Kingdom Hearts, Nomura even directly compared them in an interview, and that's what I was expecting. I think that what...
  4. LeeLu

    So the DDD Jump Festa video got me thinking about Roxas an Xion... (from their breif apperances)

    There's something that worries me about the whole Sora/Ven/Roxas thing. Because of the connection between Sora and Ven, I have to wonder, how much of Sora is actually Sora and what happens if Ven's, Roxas' and Xion's influences are removed from him? Admittedly, probably nothing, but still...
  5. LeeLu

    The Master of Eraqus & Xehanort.

    A Yen Sid story would be awesome. I'd love to see an extremely Disney-heavy story that took itself seriously and just let the bad-ass Disney characters be bad-assed, and not, you know not get neutered like Epic Mickey did. Back on topic, Sora or (more likely) Riku might stumble upon...
  6. LeeLu

    Does this game matter?

    I think Re:Coded is definitely worth a used-buy. I mean, don't get your expectations too high. It's nothing stellar, but it is fun. I have to say i find it incredibly amusing that the game that had good writer and was all hyped up and everyone was drooling for (Days) turned out to be so...
  7. LeeLu

    Does this game matter?

    To be honest, neither 358/2Days nor Re:Coded was necessary, but despite being another rehash of KHI, Re:Coded was enjoyable and fun to play. It was just an over-all better gaming experience.
  8. LeeLu

    Why 358/2 Days is a Poor Narrative Experience.

    Well if ever there was a KH game that actually needed a remake, Days is the one. There is no sense of urgency and no central antagonist driving the story and no, Xemnas doesn't count. Had Xion been the player character then, yes he would have been, but Xion is not the player character and...
  9. LeeLu

    The Reapers' Game

    Eh, possible, but I think given the subject matter of TWEWY said missions might make "death" to integral to the plot for a certain corporation's comfort (which is ironic given that said corporation's founder made the movie Old Yeller to teach kids life isn't all happy endings). However I think...
  10. LeeLu

    Did Riku like Kairi?

    I think it's pretty obvious that Riku does like Kairi, quite a bit actually. Aside from all the evidence in KHI, remember what guise Namine chose to convince Riku to get him to accept both light and darkness and free himself from Zexion's trap? It wasn't until later that he learns that...
  11. LeeLu

    Something that People aren't Noting in the Secret Ending

    Well he went to the ROD originally to get the RoD Keyblade, so maybe having the dark realm's keyblade allowed him to detect Aqua. As for why he didn't save her at the time, he was pretty busy at the end of KH1 and during CoM and by the time things calmed down enough to think he was already...
  12. LeeLu

    Kingdom Hearts is just like Star Wars & Nomura knows it! (Spoiler many, many spoilers)

    Western cultures have a very strong concept of master and apprentice in many stories. I believe you mean Star Wars introduced the Eastern version of the concept to the American mainstream.