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  1. Sora1274

    Xion's revival

  2. Sora1274

    The final world spoiler question

    Thank you everyone for your responses and thoughts. It is really appreciated.
  3. Sora1274

    The final world spoiler question

  4. Sora1274

    Who is the he who wants to atone too?

    Thank you both. I really appreciate your replies.
  5. Sora1274

    Will grinding out levels compensate for poor play?

    Five should be fine. I really don't mean to brag, i really don't but I beat the game when it came out right when I turned six. I wouldn't call my self "advanced". But an "advanced" five year old should do just fine, at least on the easiest setting (Which is what I did when I was five.).
  6. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    i figured it out I must have missed an enemy somewhere cause the portal ball appeared after I left this time thank for your help and add me on psn if you want.
  7. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    I'm hoping I somehow missed an enemy in OC I guess I will try again tomorrow morning thanks for your help chaser and rjk42 I will post if I can get the portal to appear to tomorow
  8. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    Yea and still nothing I feel like there should be a way to backtrack to the beginning of the world so I can get to the first save point so I can unlock the keyhole for OC, but no matter where I look I can't find a way out of the "Giant Crevasse"
  9. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    Yes, but the save point outside of world terminus doesn't have a gummy ship option and it doesn't seem possible to backtrack farther. Although I could be wrong.
  10. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    yea, sorry if it is called something else.
  11. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    But after I leave their is no portal to get to next platform for next world.
  12. Sora1274

    Speedster problem

    I am in the end of the world attempting my speedster run and I skipped Olympus coliseum and atlantica. I am now in the world terminus and can not get past the world warp hole after Olympus coliseum and tried to get out to a place where I can go to gummy ship to finish world coliseums world but...
  13. Sora1274

    Kingdom Hearts Week

    Thanks for link. For me every week is kingdom hearts week!
  14. Sora1274

    So who else is just soaking it in?

    I did the days cinematics first and that was better than expected. I started final mix and as a kingdom hearts fan since 2002 I can say it is fantastic so far. Loved the heartless color changes as well.
  15. Sora1274

    Keyblade war

    I know this is probably never going to happen, but imagine how cool it would be to have a Keyblade wars game that works kinda how Star Wars knights of the old republic did. Just imagine you would create a Keyblade wielded and throughout the game you can make choices and it will either lead you...
  16. Sora1274

    News ► TWEWY 5th Anniversary Live -Crossover- Site Launches!

    Im sorry i'm new to the forums do the images have to be from an actual website to be seen?