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  1. KHShilon.

    Guide To Defeat MF With Terra

    I did get a little lucky, most from those orbs which are extremely hard to dodge with Terra. The strategy is to surge him as much as you can so he won't have enough time to do an attack, basically.
  2. KHShilon.

    help please

    Fira + Fira + Wellspring Crystal = Once More Cura + Cura + Pulsing Crystal = Second Chance Doesn't Cura + Cura make Second Chance? Make sure that they're both at their max level, that might be the problem.
  3. KHShilon.

    Guide To Defeat MF With Terra

    So, I found out a pretty simple way to defeat MF with Terra. It was unbelievably hard at first, but once I found out this strategy it became much easier. This was on Proud Mode. These are the stats: LVL: 53 (I recommend 50+) Weapon: Chaos Ripper Deck: Fire/Thunder Surge x5, Curaga x3 It...
  4. KHShilon.

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    After countless attempts trying to defeat Vanitas Sentiment with Terra, I finally won. It was unbelievably hard to win with Terra, it took me hours just to win... Did anyone else have a hard time beating him with Terra? It was much easier with Ven and Aqua, because they have a much better...
  5. KHShilon.

    Anyone know the maximum hp for all three characters?

    Well, I'm not sure about Ventus or Terra. But with Aqua I have finished all the events in the Mirage Arena, Story, gotten all 3 HP Boosts. She currently has 149 HP, which I believe is the maximum HP she can get, in proud mode or under of course.
  6. KHShilon.

    What's your favorite battle music?

    The MF theme was great, probably my favourite
  7. KHShilon.

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    I had just bought KH: BBS. I hadn't bought a new memory stick for my PSP since the day i bought it, so the memory it could hold was about 32mb if i remember correctly. So i raced into my room to play BBS. I went to the menu. I saw something called "Data Install." I had no idea what this was, so...
  8. KHShilon.

    Just Joined

    Hey everyone! I just joined the forums, I'd like to introduce myself. You can call me Shilon :)