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  1. Rikuswish

    KH 3D in NintendoGamer UK

    Haley and David, really love KH. Which is why they probably stay. The other actors, like Nimoy, who also do tv/film, it's probably more about money or scheduling. But I loved him as Xenahort. So I would be sad to see him go too. I also think Epcar is pretty good.
  2. Rikuswish

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread For those unaware, Riku's VA, David Gallagher will be a guest of honor at Anime Conji in San Diego, this weekend: David Gallagher | Anime Conji
  3. Rikuswish

    Release Date for NA 01/11/11 ??

    Yes, this was posted in NA release thread already. But square's press release confirms it's coming on out Jan 11th and it will playable at NY Comic Con today and this weekend. Don't know why the front page hasn't been updated yet: KINGDOM HEARTS RE:CODED CONFIRMED FOR RELEASE ON JANUARY 11...
  4. Rikuswish

    KH: Recoded – TGS 2010 Trailer (First Look)

    Already taken down by Square. :(
  5. Rikuswish

    NEW BbS release date!

    Square really needs to climb down on these retail and gaming sites putting out these false release dates.
  6. Rikuswish


    I think we could see some new KH titles annoucements at E3. TGS isn't the big event it used to be.
  7. Rikuswish

    NA release date?

    I think it will be released sometime in May or June. Square seems to release KH games in NA about 5 or 6 months after being released in Japan.
  8. Rikuswish

    Shipping time

    It's already "available now" to rent on Gamefly: GameFly: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DS Video Game | Buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS | Rent Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  9. Rikuswish

    New Days commercial

    Well, I guess I'm wrong then.
  10. Rikuswish

    New Days commercial

    Now that I think about, it probably wouldn't run ads for the game on those networks, because it's also Disney product. Cartoon Network is owned by Time Warner and Nick is owned by Viacom.
  11. Rikuswish

    New Days commercial

    They are aring this commercial during Saturday AM cartoons on ABC in USA.
  12. Rikuswish

    GamePro 358/2 Days Review

    4/5 stars. In short: Review : Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS] - from GamePro.com
  13. Rikuswish

    KH 358/2 Days Review

    The review posted here is actually from Game Informer. Otherwise, I agree with you.
  14. Rikuswish

    KH 358/2 Days Review

    If this was a Zelda game, there would probably be a riot. LOL. Some people just can't handle their games getting anything less than 9.
  15. Rikuswish

    How excited where you when you got KH2

    I don't think I was freaking out, but I was a probably a more than " a little excited", when I first got it. I got it the first day it came out and I couldn't wait to play it wait when I got home. Unfortunately, I had to get a new PS2 to finish playing it. My old PS2 which was which was giving...
  16. Rikuswish

    PS3 Re:com problems

    Yep. I have had this same issue last night. And I already sold my PS2. :sad:
  17. Rikuswish

    IGN Preview of Re:COM

    Game Informer also has an article on their site about RE: COM. It's looks like a preview of their review of the game: RE: Chain of Memories: From The GBA to the PS2. Does It Hold Up?
  18. Rikuswish

    Poor Namine.

    I think Disney may be going with some lesser named actors to either save money or work around their work schedules better.
  19. Rikuswish

    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    I was just going to post that Derek is also listed to play Vexen on IMDB now: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (2007) (VG)
  20. Rikuswish

    RE:COM on IMDB

    Re: COM on IMDB David has always been the voice of Riku. Look it up.