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    Barig=DS Theory

    I was just saying maybe nobodies r made 2 b the same age their others would b.
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    Barig=DS Theory

    well, roxas was born 14-15.
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? lol. i just died of laughter. it might b ok except 4 the fact bbs is supposed 2 b the most serious yet.
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    A/V/T , K/S/R , and N/R/? theory

    i thought it was latin.
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    Audo does crack too...

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    Keyblades and Keychains/Ven and Sora(& Roxas)

    ya, i just died 4 the 2nd time 2day.
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    :( I just died.
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    bbs having another story?

    I'd probably just play in the order it gives u.
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    Aquas Keyblade

    it's not like I'm the only 1.
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    That little white hand in the menu

    ur saying square invented the white glove?
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    Aquas Keyblade

    You really dont know how to discuss over a subject without getting a tantrum , do you?. Discussion over.Its simple:you say they are not and i say they are similar
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    That little white hand in the menu

    Is that the master hand
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    That little white hand in the menu

    who fucking cares
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    Aquas Keyblade

    wrong each is unique. also FUCK U!
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    Secret Ansem Report Proof?

    but Xehanort looks WAY YOUNGER than Mx. shouldn't it b the other way around. plus shouldn't there b some resemblance.
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    Aquas Keyblade

    color, similar handle, both revolve around magic.
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    Aquas Keyblade

    shut up
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    Xehanort name

    well isn't that what they're doing 4 days multiplayer.
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    Aquas Keyblade

    didn't say same; said similar
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    Xehanort name

    still, it would b pretty cool to watch; even cooler 2 player.