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    ~=))|>The Last Stand<|((=~

    The following rp is inspired by the Greek-Persian Battle of Thermopylae. Recently, a motion picture was released based on this important segment of the Greek-Persian War. The movie, 300, is a rough adaptation of the event and tells the tale of one of the most heroic last stands in world...
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    Arrr I Cant Find A Character In Twilight Town!! Help!

    maybe you haven't talked to some of the begining twilight town characters.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** you know i just have a hinch in Kingdom Hearts III that Sora, Kairi, and Riku will be seperated again..
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    cooolest part of kh2

    Oooh, when the 1000 heartless battle thing occured. That was pretty fun. Also, the part where Riku and Sora teamed up.
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    kh2, too immature?

    well SOME of the stuff is a tiny bit childish, but the main reason you play it is like for the game play you know. It's fun. If it did become more mature, and rated T, the sales that are sold over this game would probably get decreased by half or something, due to its lack in interest for...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) You unlock the secret ending by completing ALL of Jiminy's Journal 100%. That means you must complete ALL the mini-games, complete all the Mission Logs, and find all the kinds of heartless and nobodies. This happens if you're playing in normal...
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    kh2 ending - the dark beach

    That is very correct. That was the realm of darkness.
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    Possible Spoiler. Questions.

    Nvmd, i found the problem. Ty and sorry for this.
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    RP BATTLE. (Open for Any Challengers.)

    Im sorta bored right now..so anyone that wants to battle with me fill free to do so. Don't worry. I won't bite..much..RAWR. Rules. 1. No Power Playing. 2. No Godmodding. 3. Stay in Character Form. (Relevant to your character.) 4. No more than three spelling and/or grammer mistakes. 5. Cursing...
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    ~**Legends of Marvela**~

    The Legends of Marvela Part 1. It’s over. Our everlasting bounds of chaos will not falter through the enervated lines of their defenses. They are obsolete, oblivious to our infinite dominance over their doomed world. They will capitulate to our ultimate power. Nothing will stop us; fore no...
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    *Update(01/05/06)* KHII Cutscenes- Collection

    Re: KHII Cutscenes (Subs)- Deathspank's Collection Good job Deathspank I thank you.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** no, it's kh3 alright i think..cuz i remember some wiggly words on the sides saying something like "Keyblade war" or something.
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    not that i don't know about this or anyhting, but where did you get all YOUR information from??
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    Hottest Character in KH2

    Since i'm a GUY..it's pretty obvious who.. *cough*Kairi*cough*
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    Fanfiction ► **intergalactic Shooowdown!!**

    Well i'm just going to post the first episode and see how this goes.. **Episode 1** The City Bobby Turnwilder is your normal everyday teen with an average life in the future. He lives in the big city in none other than..our mother Earth. Living in the big city can be tough and stressful...
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    The Exodus

    I'm doing a remake of my old one. I'm going to see if this actually works..if not then yeah.. The Exodus is the primary source of energy in the land of Emblem. For thousands of years, the planet lived in peace and harmony..never experiencing the likes of war nor death..all due to the...
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    Fanfiction ► **intergalactic Shooowdown!!**

    mmk i'll post the story soon enough after more people reply
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    Fanfiction ► **intergalactic Shooowdown!!**

    From the makers of KH Laughs.. INTERGALACTIC SHOWDOWN Into the future.. In our galaxy, about 500 years from the present.. Earth lived in harmony and piece..along with the rest of the 1,523 planets in the Milky Way Galaxy..Everything..so peaceful..so calm..until..HE attacked.. BUM BUM BUM...
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    ~~ The Fight For Honor ~~

    eh i was kinda bored so yeah..we'll see if this rp will go on or not.. They have their guns, We have our swords. They have their cannons, We have our arrows. They have their arrogance, We have our honor. Around the time after the American Civil War, the world had started to change...
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    BHK Name Theory

    well he'll probably have a name..probably i think um..