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    Currently doing a level 1 run

    So basicly the only way to survive later in the game is to never ever get hit? Also wouldn't the boss battles last hours?
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    It's described in a few of the secret reports in Days. Saying any more than that would spoil it for you since you havent played the game yet.
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    And what about the emotions he felt around Namine?
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    What is a Keyblade Master truly?

    There seems to be a similarity between Masters and apprentices for Keyblade wielders and Martial Arts.
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    Saïx's true name revealed!

    In my experience Japanese proper knowns translated to the English alphabet always have curtain vowels and vowel pronunciations the same. ai- eye e- ay i- eeh a at end of word- ah e.t.c. Thus, Isa= eeh-s-ah
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    You know, now that I'm seeing this scene a second time, but this time after playing Days. I have to wonder how different it might have been if they where actually able to remember Xion.
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    FM, Did Axel have a heart or didn't he?

    I've long believed that Axel, Roxas and Namine have hearts of their own. Most people seem to assume that the memory of having a heart is what causes the seeming emotions. However, the one point in which this was described in game, Saix said that those memories allow them to know how a heart can...
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    Who Xehanort is

    You say that Xeonhort doesn't wield a Keyblade, but we don't really know that. It would have been less than a year after he showed up in Radiant Garden that he gave himself up to the darkness, and Heartless/Nobodies don't wield Keyblades. Yes, I know Roxas wields a Keyblade, but there is about a...
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    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    I thought Demyx was easy. In fact, all the Organization members where easy, except Xaldin. I don't know why that black haired snake was so dang difficult, but I lost count of how many times I had to retry. Even Mickey kept getting clobbered.
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    a logical explanation of ven/roxas

    I fully agree with the final outcome. As for the way in which that outcome was reached, well it would probably be simpler to just give you a link to my theory. Nobodys possessing Hearts theory (completed) Spoiler Warning!!
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    It's cannon because that's how Sora get's Ansem Report #13. Besides, it's highly likely that Sepheroth never revealed his name in the Coliseum. In fact, didn't the match always come up with ??????? for the opponent's name?
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    Theory Behind Riku and Sora's powers (BBS related)

    Unconfirmed. Completely unknown in fact.
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    While armor could be worn by anyone with similar proportions, I agree completely that only Terra could use Terra's Keybade. This detail should be obvious to everyone, due to the simple basic fact that the Keyblade chooses its master, and that it then becomes tied to its masters heart.
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    Vens Connection

    Actually, the word I would use is identical. Don't you mean that Roxas' post/pre Organization outfit is a hybrid of Ven's outfit and Sora's KH2 outfit? [/LIST] It was confirmed in-game that when Xion's development is nearly complete, anyone who looks at her face would see whoever is most...
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    Theory Behind Riku and Sora's powers (BBS related)

    O.K., so the real Keyblades somehow became "fake". Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I don't think a fake Keyblade would accept a keychain.
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    No more Unversed could be created because of the Heartless, that doesn't mean that a powerful Unverse that had already been created could not have survived. I do not believe that the Lingering Sentiment/Enigmatic Soldier could be an Unverse though, because a Keyblade requires a heart and I...
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    Mickey Scenario?

    Mickey was also on the covers of KH1 and RE:CoM, but wasn't playable.
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    Colliseum tournaments, Ice Titan, Sepheroth, Mushi summon, Simba summon, etc. All optional, and all cannon. Thus, suggesting that the Lingering Sentiment/Enigmatic Soldier battle is also cannon. If it is cannon and the Keyblade is Terra's, then it must be Terra, for no one else would be able to...
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    Theory Behind Riku and Sora's powers (BBS related)

    Any Keyblade wielder can wield another's Keyblade if the other wielder allows it. I posted a theory a while ago suggesting that (among other things) Roxas was the combination of Sora's Nobody and Ventus' heart. The drive forms allow Sora's heart to connect with the other hearts inside himself...
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    The potential "Hero"

    Sora already met Phil, and before meeting Hercules. Sora was asleep at the time, amd thus could not have told Hercules that it would be a while before he could make it to the Colliseum. Niether Hercules of Phil should have been able to remember Sora at that time.