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    News ► Demo Gameplay of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Shown at PLAY the PlayStation!

    was it just me or did anybody's back cringe when Sora was hopping form tree top to tree top. Hated that part...
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    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! OMG i cant breath!! this is so awesome!!!!
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread I still hope for news from billy zane the original xeharnot heartless
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    Nomura interview!

    LMAO almost like that one episode of family guide where that lady wakes up from a abd dream
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    omg im getting so desperate!!! ive been waiting all this time and i feel like im gunna miss out on this!!!!!! arghhhhh!!!!!! rooooooaaaar!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    yeah but im trying to preorder it online right now for in store pick up but it says not available for in store pick up and it doesnt even let me choose which store i want top pick it up at and i when i try and go to the check out part of game stop it asks me if i want 5 to 7 day delivery or...
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    ok so everyone who pre-ordered is gunna get their game delivered to their house or what?
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    ok another question um i went to Gamestop.com and i was gunna try and preorder khbbs for pick but its not giviing me that option it says not available for pick up. how do i choose my gamestop store
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    ok so when you pre-order khbbs can you pick it up a day early or you have to wait cus i remember when KHCOM for the GBA came out i pre-ordered and i picked it up a day early so idk!!! but i want it tomorrow
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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    Gossip Girl YouTube - Willa Holland talking about Gossip Girl
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    Who is Vanitas?

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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    well on a bunch of HA's and HOO's and lets not forget SIN HARVEST but just that also Ashley Tisdale for Vanitas NOT!!! but that would be funny how about RAVEN for Eraqus no but for real if i had to choose a famous star voice actor it would be yeah nothing comes to mind the only people...
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    Twilight Town and Sunset Horizons

    I didn't know whether this thread belonged here but it might help me me further understand a part of story in the future i guess What are the chances of Twilight Town and Sunset Horizons being somehow Connected I was going to write something like I think that sunset Horizons and Twilight...
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    What's your Panel?

    LV: 64 HP:251 32 abilities 63 Links Strength 174 Magic 177 Defense 122 114 Slots Keyblade: Zero Gear >(2)Ability Unit >(2)Power Unit Accesory: Three Stars Back Pack Extender >(3)Back Pack Total Magic Casts:26 Firaga LV3 (4) Blizzaga LV3 (5) Thundaga LV4 (5) Aeroga LV4 (4) Cura LV5 (8)...
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    The new Manga Vol.3

    Ok i think this in the right section sorry if it isnt but uh does anyone know when that new KH2 manga gunna come out i checked borders but i think its wrong or something so anyone have any ideas sorry if its been discussed before :confused:
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    Who thinks...

    uh you should get it there is plenty more to see and do im ust say the miny games are kinda entrertaining
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    What stats should you have to beat Marluxia?

    i used attack cards magic cards item cards an enemy cards i think thats it oh and a lil bit of friend cards this should really help you or anybody as a matter of fact enjoy this wonderfull tip
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    How far are you in the game?

    did i post here already idk anyway an update i guess finished to almost completly complete im in lvl 91 i think im tryin to get every card level like the kingdo key 0-9 get it?
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    Joker Map Card

    i know this may not help but ok i finished the game right and started a new one and as soon as i got my first battle in wonder land i got that card in that same room i got 2 more well in conclusion i got like 6 or 7 joker cards now on me i guess thier rarety gets lower and they come at you...
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    you guys really are something

    i think axel somehow suffers the most froim all of this like there is truly another whole side to his story axel may become a key character in future games the way he can feel emotions just like roxas