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    Fanfiction ► A Destiny's Tale

    I love it its really cool cant wait to read the whole story :P i like the way you described everything aswell
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    Good and Bad points of KH2?

    EternalTwilight3 - double post- >_> Good points are; Nearly everything Bad points; Your fingers ae always pressing "X", you can't play as Roxas for long enough unless you just mess around for a long time, the worlds you go to are smaller (you don't have so many places to go to). But overall...
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    Fanfiction ► My first Fan fic!!

    hey howdy hey! awesome! just finished reading. you did a good job there rhi!:)
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    :Pdefently VEXEN AND MARLUXIA they are so evil :P
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    Final Mix Org. XIII Discussion

    I thought Final Mix was only released in Japan so how could you have had it unless your japenese and you live in Japan?
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    Hikari VS. Simple and clean

    Which one do you think is better? I think they're both good so what do you think?
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    English Vs. Japanese kh2 theme songs

    I think they're both good but Passion is better. The first ones always are