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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    i'm just happy it's comming out :D and ofcourse the storry :D you guys think their will be a story even before BBS ? about the keybladewar ?? i'm pretty curious :D
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    No Infrastructure For BbS

    if you have a PS3 and you have ad-hoc party ( downloadable on PSN) it could work . just connect with your PS3 and kaboom ;D
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    i would like to learn japanese

    does anyone know were i could learn a good word of japanese url pls ! :)
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    vanitas heartsless ?

    sorry wrong link this is the one : YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Terra's Interference + Vanitas' Origins [SPOILER] just watch untill somewhat half way
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    vanitas heartsless ?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= is vanitas the first human heartless? you never saw a heartless in bbs exept for novashadows and later MX. you think ven was just a test subject for MX as the first person to make a heartsless from by unlocking the hearts darkness with his keyblade ??? discuss...
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    A third Shoot Lock for Ven?

    it's know that every character has different shoot-locks wich can be upgraded by board games and just general use i think. Even terra has his cannon-like shoot lock from the lingering sentiment battle