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    could Sora be related to Ven and Riku to MX ?

    just a quick idea i had . both Ven and MX seem to have a relationship with destiny islands of course , due to Vens memmory loss he doesnt recognise it but Ven looks like sora , so is it that far of a leap that Ven may be , say sora's cousin. Or atleast a relation . Sora may or may not...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    yeah its the armour from the battle in kh2
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    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    nah not 1 hit .. remeber lea is very strong willed ,.. (which seems to count for alot in kh .. ) that being said he is still just a kid .. i recon he could take a few hits :L
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    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    i hope its not one of those,,," look.. sora riku.. even though uve already saved the world and proved urself multiple times, ur going to have to go on soem massive quest for no reason" sort of games
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    teleportation vs C,O,D

    right first off teleportation is a light ability and Cod is a dark one.. teleportation doesnt seem to be an adequet way to travel between worlds.. in fact the only one powerful enough to do it is merlin (during the holow bastion to disney castle teleport thing,,).. so teleportation seems to be...
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    Riku's Ability

    tbh with the duel wielding thing... can someone powerful enough not just cause two of their keyblade to apear ? i meen yeah the whole xion thing did represent herself in the second roxas keyblade but, since keyblades can take any form (so long as the user is strong enough ) the why can someone...
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    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have

    Re: coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have u cant give people keyblades... however.. if u are powerful enough, u can make keychains.. yen sid gave sora and micky the keychains... however..when mickey regains his star seeker, the chances are he probably just made the keychain...
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    why sora kept his feelings (and why higher nobodies form)

    more of my speculation.. the reason sora kept his feelings and memmories as a heartless is because at the time he had alot of willpower (he chose to stab himself..).. this if you think about it would be realy rare... normaly people Give up to the darkness... when u give up u dont have alot of...
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    Meta-biology of heartless... (yes im a geek :P)

    i was thinking about darkness... and why when people give up to it they became heartless.. the heartless seem to be parasite creatures... so i thought maybe they spread with a kinda heartless spore. like muchrooms... this would actualy fit in with the lore of muchroom heartless. more evidence...
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    the future of final mix's

    final mix's although annoying (as i cant get them) are a good idea. they let developers add things into the game at a later date.... so.. as kh3 will likely be on ps3 and maybe xbox... they should release the final mix as an downloadable update for the game.... (costing maybe £5 or something)
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

    would u travel acros the sea in a ship just to get a special adition.... comeon think about this one...
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    kairi may get epicaly kickass in the future... imagine the amount of light element powers she could blast at your face if she was skilled + her wielding a keyblade... she could be very hard
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    the realm of darkness speculation

    firstly. we seem to have very little information about it. The only place to have been seem is the dark maridean. now this realm could be separated into worlds like light and twilight or could simply be one giant world. One thing i dont understand is why is it cut off from light and twilight...