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    the brown haired girl

    in the trailers there is a brown haired girl on a beach with a falling star. Who the heck is she? anybody know?:confused:
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    aussies kingdom hearts 2 comes out tommorrow

    i know dude awesome right? i'm waiting patiently to go to Eb first thing in the morning and get it! :drool: :wub:
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    still waiting I hate you all. I really do, with all my heart. Some of you may be asking why. To that i reply what are you freaking dumb! its coz im from a country unfortunate enough to be on PAL system and so we dont have it yet....we dont even have a release date! sigh....Dont they think...
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    What exactly is Tron???

    its awesome, i suggest you go and hire it. I did. Its liek from the 80's but its funny to see how they viewed technology! lol!
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    Jap and English ver of kh2!

    I suppose it doesnt make that much difference does it? its only small things? The story is still the same and thats whats important. Oh and btw I'm from aussie land and we dont even know when we get it so feel very VERY lucky...i hate you all:(
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    Gummi Block...stuff

    ok...so who didnt get the whole gummi thing from the first game? The second one promises to have an 'easyer' gummi option, i however would have left the whole gummi thing out but hey....at least they're trying....
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    PaSsIoN!! EnGLiSh VeRsIoN!!

    to be honest i didnt mind it. The quality of the video was poor, and we didnt get much of it, but so far so good, although i am used to Passion...:o
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    If you're not into spoliers, than maybe you shouldn't listen to Sancutary.

    i LOve Passion, and i did hear that The english versionw as called sancutuary but i ahvnt been able to find it...if soemone does..please tell us!
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    Did kh2 lose some of its "juice"?

    no juice has been lost! i mean im still excited...not as excited as i was like 2 years ago...but hey! we still dont have a release date here in Australia...the fact there is an American one gives us a little hope....*tear drop* ah well....btw the sig was scary...very scary...i like it!:eek: :eek:
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    Attn: Australians!!!

    ah, i think I'm one of the crazy manga buying, kh2 obsessed eb girls....heh heh heh, we have our own club lol! Anyways, everytime i ask i get 'early april' so yeah, that other guy sounds sus to me too! Sigh, why? why does autralia not merit as much love as america? maybe it's coz of our tiny...